Wednesday, November 24, 2010

LA RAGAZZA DAL PIGIAMA GIALLO - Riz Ortolani/Amanda Lear - "Yellow Pajamas" (1977)

Well, you know what they say in Italy, "There's always room for Giallo," so here we go again under the new midweek flagship title of Weird & Wacky Wednesday, with "La Ragazza Dal Pigiama Giallo", or as they say in English, "The Pyjama Girl Case" or "The Girl In The Yellow Pajamas!" I don't know who came up with "Pyjama" because as far as I know, that's not a word in the English language, last time I checked, but let's not get picky!

Yeah, you guessed it, this is an arty movie, and there's a charred and disfigured woman's body in one of those cars! The music is composed by Mr. Riz Ortalani, who you can read a lot a more about by searching his name on our search deal over there on the side! The sultry and sensuous voice you hear in the sound clip is that of Eurodisco Queen Amanda Lear, who is a whole story unto herself that I just don't have time to detail right now! You can look her up on Wikipedia, but here's just a couple of highlights of her public life.

Amanda Lear was literally Salvador Dali's Muse, model, and traveling companion for 15 years or so, she seriously dated Brian Jones, Bryan Ferry, and had an affair with David Bowie, and has had a killer music, modeling, and more career! She also composed the songs she sings in this film, and was the model for this Roxy Music album cover which has nothing to do with this movie, but fits right in!

The main reason I wanted to see this film was because another Dungeon Hero, Ray Milland is in it! Our motto is: "If Ray's in it, we're watchin' it, and that's that!"

As a retired police inspector, Ray's daily routine is still not quite too normal!

I like this shot where Ray is pleading with the police to let him work on the case, as the two rocket surgeons assigned to the case mill around in the background with the body!

It's not official, but Ray gets the go ahead to do his own investigation! What a mug!!

Some of "La Ragazza Dal Pigiama Giallo" was shot in Italy, but the bulk of the movie was shot in Sydney, Australia! The story is based on a true murder mystery that happened in the 1930's!

So you've got this murder case going on, and then also there is another story happening here about this beautiful woman, Dalila Di Lazzaro as Glenda Blythe, and her crazy, mixed-up life! Dalila was also the female monster in "Andy Warhol's Frankenstein" among many other things!

Glenda's life is very complicated for some reason, she has a female lover, Vanessa Vitale as Evelina, just for starters!

Here's Giacomo Assandri as Quint, the perv who lives on the beach near where the body was found, being questioned by Ray!

Upon departing, Ray takes a moment to reflect on some of Quint's erotic art collection, that he displays on his walls so proudly!

Another one of Glenda's lovers is Howard Ross as Roy! Howard's real name is Renato Rossini! I'm not sure what she sees in him! He's a jerk!

Just so you don't forget that this movie was filmed in Sydney!

They put the body on exhibition, in hopes of identifying it, and it comes across like a surreal classical painting by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres!!

There is no shortage of eccentric characters in "La Ragazza Dal Pigiama Giallo," and you can take that to the bank!

"La Ragazza Dal Pigiama Giallo" was directed by Flavio Mogherini, and the very fine cinematography was by Raúl Artigot and Carlo Carlini!!

Ray has a very good part as Inspector Thompson, and although he does figure out who the murderer is, he doesn't make it to the end of the film!

Michele Placido is Glenda's annoying husband, I don't see what she sees in him either!! He's a pendejo!

Mel Ferrer is Glenda's sugar daddy, but he can't show up because he's too busy when she really needs him!! He turns out to be just another loser!

So after everything breaks down in all her relationships, Glenda stoops way down low to take on this slimey sleazebag and his two friends, in a sweaty scene I could have done without!!

I think I'd be pretty worried about global warming if I lived near a graveyard by the ocean!

In a fitting and final scene, one of the big losers is hit by a bus full of majorettes!! Wow, what a movie!!


Christopher said...

ah!..a picture of Luna Park!..we used to go their as kids in the 60s.
This fil'um looks interesting..

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Now that must have been fun!!

It`s Amanda, Butch said...

Those Amanda Lear tracks are absolutely amazing! Thanks!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Glad you liked 'em!! I thought the music was pretty cool!

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