Monday, November 1, 2010

DR. CYCLOPS / Paramount - 1940

Tonight we have an early monster movie filmed in Technicolor and stars that very kinky stage, film and TV actor, Mr. Albert Dekker! Albert's last role was the detective Pat Harrigan in THE WILD BUNCH.

Hey, nice Mexican lobby card!!..

So you see, Dr. Alexander Thorkel has a secret, he can miniaturize any type of animal, including man. And, when nosey colleagues arrive, he miniaturizes them when he feels his research and solitude are being threatened.

The music was composed by Gerard Carbonara, Albert Hay Malotte and Ernst Toch, together they had a total of 225 credits in good old Hollywood.

Now it's time, to say goodbye, to all our fam-il-y, M.. I.. C.. Wait, no, it's time to bring in our feisty lil' flyboy helper, Rufus The Gnat! He's 'ere to be pushin' that big red 'GO' button on this, the first day of November, 2010, wif' dis wild Moldie Oldie!.. DR. CYCLOPS!

There's no beating around the bush here, the movie begins with a friend questioning the doctor's motives concerning his weird experiments, and threatens to tell the authorities about it! So, already, the audience knows that this madman will do anything to protect his interests.

The Doc's colleagues show up at his out of the way abode slash lab!

The Doc has his own Radium mine, as witnessed by Victor (TUGBOAT ANNIE SAILS AGAIN) Kilian, who plays Steve Baker.

Eegah!! sells those special atomic wrenches where he works!!

The Doc admires some of his clever handywork!

He does a great job of pretending to be willing to share his discoveries with the world, after being caught in a lie.

Pedro, come here!..

CLANK!.. zztttt... ha ha ha!

That's one fine insert poster, probably worth $15,000, I'm guessing..

After they escape to the outside, they have to hide in cactus to get away from the Doc's big black cat!!

Dr. Bulfinch becomes a miniature human guinea pig!

Our little heroes have to face alligators and a big pyromaniac!!

They try to have him shoot himself and then they steal his glasses... Nuttin' woiks!

The train goes off the tracks here for Dr. Cyclops as he breaks the beam he's on, trying to get his machine unjammed. He should'a had Lean Cuisine instead of those $7 gordoburgers at Carl's Jr.

The Doc hangs on by a thread as our hero Bill Stockton is able to cut the cord holding the atomic reactor in position.


Here's a pulp cover that probably most of us don't remember!

Ghoulnight Everbloody!!..

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Christopher said...

have alot of fond memories of making fun of this on my old Castle super 8mm film copy..

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Monster Music
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