Monday, November 8, 2010

CLUTCH CARGO / Cambria Studios Prod. - 1959

Herro everbloody, this time we gots a classic limited animation cartoon on Moldie Oldie Monday, here at The Dungeon! CLUTCH CARGO was billed as television's first comic strip!!

This is the second installment of CLUTCH CARGO, this time Clutch, Spinner and Paddlefoot head for the Moon!! In a later episode, they even go to Mars!!!

Come on in, lil' Rufus The Gnat, an' push that there big red 'GO' button and start today's Eariffic Earclip a-rollin'... Here's Clutch and the gang in OPERATION MOON BEAM! Love those bongos!

Here's Professor Nachtwurst and his lovely assistant transporting the new recruits to the launch site.

They arrive at the launch facility. Back in '59, anyone could own a rocket, if they had the money naturally! The rocket looks identical to the one used by SPACE ANGEL, another Cambria Studios series.

Then, they're buzzed by a low flying Panther Jet. Is someone giving them a warning?

They try on space suits...

They experience zero gravity...

Then, they take a wild ride in the Professor's rocket sled for the final test. They pass with flying colors.

Well, it's off to the Moon, don't forget to send a postcard!!

On the way to the Moon, they are passed by another unidentified spaceship!

Looks like the US is the first to plant a flag on the Moon!

Swampy pops out from behind a rock and is mistaken for a Moon Man!

Then, their old nemesis, Carney, shows up to cause a pile of trouble for everbloody.

Carney wants their rocket and will go to any lengths to take it! Hmmm, I wonder what his plans for Moon Girl are?

He's got a paralyzing ray gun and has a decent aim! Looks like they're doing some kind of funky Moon dance!

Carney gets tripped up by Paddlefoot and loses his ray gun to Moon Girl, then, he gets it!

Why the hell does Moon Girl have a southern accent?.. Weird!

At least she looks hot!!

As Clutch and the gang head back to Earth, Moon Girl waves goodbye to them... "Toodles y'all, come back, ya hear?!"

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??