Friday, November 5, 2010


Hello everbloody, an' welcome to Friday Night Drive-In, here at The Dungeon, with Tabonga and his lil' pal, Ralphie The Tarantula!

This is one decent flick, the world is about to end by thermonuclear destruction and 168 citizens have been chosen by the US government to be transported to 12 different hi-tech underground facilities located 1,750 feet beneath the surface of the Earth, their sole purpose, the survival of the human race! This story takes place at the facility in the New Mexico desert.

The music is very effective with it's blaring horns and all, Fred Karlin was the composer. Fred had a pretty amazing career with 141 credits and 23 Soundtrack credits, here's a few movies he composed for... UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE, YOURS, MINE AND OURS, THE STALKING MOON, THE STERILE CUCKOO, THE BABY MAKER, WESTWORLD, FUTUREWORLD, GREASED LIGHTNING and then a ton of television work.

Awrite!.. Here's lil' Ralphie, ready to be pushing the big red 'GO' button to start tonight's Eariffic Earclip for yer listnin' pleasure, it's a goodern! Put the mask on, now... Wait, err, push the button, now!!.. CHOSEN SURVIVORS!

After the chosen ones are gathered together, they have a slow ride to Hell in the elevator...

So, this is what Hell looks like!!.. Coooool!

Sets are nice looking, all the way around.

Then, they discover vampire bats from deep caverns that have found their way into the place, but how?

Richard (GREEN SLIME) Jaeckel plays Major Ellis, he's kinda like a MacGyver, here he works on a defensive weapon to go up against the intruders.

But, back at the ranch!

Look at this great shot of Bradford Dillman as egghead, Peter Macomber! Brad was also in THE MEPHISTO WALTZ, ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES, THE ICEMAN COMETH, BUG, THE SWARM and PIRANHA! The movie also stars Jackie (THE LITTLE RASCALS) Cooper and Alex (INN OF THE DAMNED) Cord.

The survivors use an electrified cage to protect themselves from the vampire bat onslaught!


When they decided they have to find and stop the varmints at their source, Lincoln (THE OMEGA MAN) Kilpatrick is 'chosen' for the task. He is swarmed by bats and loses his grip before he falls a few hundred feet to his death!

Brad gets it good!

Only a few 'survive' the ordeal before they can be rescued.


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Greg Goodsell said...

This stinker was lensed in Mexico. My favorite character is the Mexican housewife who doesn't take off her dowdy apron long after civilization has been reportedly vapporized.

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