Saturday, April 17, 2010


Welcome everbloody, to Saturday afternoon at the Dungeon! Today we gots a total WTF!!! flick to educate you on, and, a little whiff for PG, recipient of this obscure disc in eventuallity! (You'll need decoder ring to figure out last part of that statement, nark, nark!)...

Filmed in LA by no company, Tabonga convinced that you had to be on LSD to work on it, so, maybe they just forgot to make a company!!

Here's the deal, a Nazi doctor is living in Littletown, USA, has a fetish for our pal Richard Nixon, and so, he commits acts of senseless violence while wearing a Tricky Dick mask, and, just for the hell of it, even. He's a freakin' Nazi! Also, he has two sons (?) that are faithful followers, Dr. Marbuse and Gary!

There was some actual original music in the movie, even though they stole some other tunes you'll easily recognize in the soundclip.

So, here we go!.. Lil' Piff the Gnat ready to fly across room and smack big old red 'GO' button to start our 'eariffic earclip' by Eegah!!..

Piff start off slow... Okay, he going a little faster!.. More, more... Now, even more!.. Faster... An' faster! (Phew!) Closer and faster he go, on merry way to start the show!.. And!!.. He dood it!! Enter the HORROR HOUSE ON HIGHWAY 5!!

Here's Phil Therrien as the nutty Dr. Marbuse, teaching his idiot brother, Gary, to learn the meanings of the different tarot cards! Writer/producer Richard Casey must be a big Edgar Wallace fan! Phil Therrien went on to do one other part as a delivery guy on CHEERS...

And, here's Max Manthey as idiot boy, Gary, in all his spectacular glory! This was Max's first, last, and only acting job!

Richard Nixon is played by Ronald Reagan in this flick, no kidding!..

No, I'm not on anything, what makes you think that?!

Okay, okay, I'm on something!!

Well, son of a... Just one of them days, I reckon!!

Here's Mr. Hambone at the college as he instructs students to go to Littletown and do some reseach on the weird Nazi family that lives there. **Person that designed this classroom is goddamn hack!!

Wow, that's one ominous LA smog landscape going on there!

One of the students scores an interview with the oddball brothers, lucky her...

So, if you're a real Nazi, first, you drug the interviewer...

Then, you chain her up! What else?!!

Get this... Dude just run over Nixon and he get a bloody nose!.. Go figure!!

Gary trying to see the brain worms inside bro's head!!

Nowadays, they use Tricky Dick Cheney mask!!

This is pretty cool, garden rake forks stuck into dude's skull... Gimme a 'Oh, hell yeah!'

Tabonga like this pic!

Gary tries to 'dance.'

Here's Dr. Marbuse as he tries to conjure up something, wearing his special Nazi occult beanie.

The 'doc' goes totally whacko at the end and causes more terror with his ratchet brace drill!! But, six years earlier DRILLER KILLER had a battery pack for his power drill!!


zillagord said...

Psychotic reaction!

Prof. Grewbeard said...

is that one guy holding a waffle?!?...

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

It's a Pop-Tarot!!!

RODAN! said...

I finally see the damn waffle!!.. Jeez!

Anonymous said...

Max Manthey did some theater productions, believe it or not. One of his friends wrote to me once a couple years ago. I also got some message from Michael Castagnolia (who played the pothead). I remember him saying Max quit on the last day of filming. Other than that, he said there was a decapitation (or similar gore scene) that wasn't filmed properly so they couldn't use it.

This movie is incredible, I urge everyone to find a copy

steve marshall said...

Phil Therrien is a brilliant comedian who got lost in the shuffle of actors trying to make it.

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