Saturday, June 13, 2009

SONS OF HERCULES In The Land Of Darkness / Italy - 1964 / Music by Francesco De Masi

OMG!.. WTF!.. SOB!.. We're back!

Finally, we can get that out of the way...
So, here's Tabonga!

Hello everbloody, again! Old monster naps over now, so, time for Phase II of project. We have plenty of surprises for our unsuspecting victims, we bringed in the old torque wrench and ratchet thing up a bit, so, get ready for Dungeon new carnival rides coming to you ear! You might not ever know what to expect, no kidding!!

Like tonight!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! have new theme song and premiere it here... We so old and so tuff that we must be SONS OF HERCULES!!! Sing along if you know words!

Music dude Francesco De Masi end up with 130 composing credit starting in 1959 and did all kind of genre. Theme song was probably generic for series written by ?.

Dan Vadis dude as Ercole is one of strangest lookin' 'Sons' you ever gonna see but he make lots of sandal anyway! He also play cowboy and Indian.

He show up the very second that Princess is going to get nekkid! Whatta jerk!!


If he so cold, why not just wear pants? ...Jeez!

Man, that one ug-a-ly varmint there!

Most of Ercole' time is spent wif' this idiot bastard who Tabonga pray would get ax in head or worse at some time during flick, but never happen, he live!!

Awesome miniature set with horses crossing bridge into castle fortress!

Here is best part, Ercole flip everbloody into quicksand pit!.. Hell, yeah!!!

Then, he get all caught!

Hey, that look like Tabonga' playroom!

They were expendable!

Tabonga love this pic!

Ercole get so mad at bad guy he knock everything down!!

Tune in Monday for Eegah!!


buzz said...

You're back! Huzzah! Huzzah! Let joy and hilarity be unbound!

Thanx for the SONS OF HERCULES track. When I was growing up they used to run these movies all the time on the Early Show. I'm guessing they were made by different studios and got re-titled SONS OF HERCULES so they could be packaged for TV in the US.

prof. grewbeard said...

ah, indeed you are The Mighty Sons of Hercules! welcome back!

DZONDZON said...

The theme music was the best part of these Hercules films. I remember watching them, but I guess I wasn't really into them, but when you only had seven channels, they were often the only thing a kid could watch.

flinty said...

Hooray! Nice to hear your dulcet tones once again, missed you, so its good to have you all back. Cheers and take care, Flinty

Wendel said...


Back when there were independent stations I use to watch these movies Saturday afternoons and late nights.

As a child I would play singing this very song (I was a disturbed child).

Thanks again for the great post.

Anonymous said...

-Hey, that's Steve Reeves!
-No...that's Agnes Moorehead.

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??