Wednesday, June 17, 2009

D-DAY ON MARS - Republic Pictures - 1966 TV Release

This how they have to watch TV in old day! Hey, dude can look and talk at same time!! Would be perfect if he smoking though!

But, serious... We have everbloody favorite Mars Man, PURPLE MONSTER here at Dungeon tonight! In 1945 Republic make movie serial THE PURPLE MONSTER STRIKES, so 21 year later this flick show up on TV for kids!

All is studio stock music composed by Maxwell, Rosen and Skiles.

Great soundclip here, Eegah!! workin' overtime to put together stuff like... WHERE'S THE PURPLE MONSTER?!!

PM crash into ground at 500 mile per hour, but get out of space pod like just wake up from nap!!

Then, Dr. Layton find out later that he give lift to the wrong dude!!

Craig Foster and Sheila Layton like to play Junior G-Man and Junior G-Gurl. Craig all nosy, Sheila work for Dr. Layton/PM!

Mars has best drugs in solar system!.. MARS RULES!!

PM so stoned he fading out!

Stupid gurlz!!

Craig have to waste valuable time to come and rescue Sheila from water pit she fall into like big airhead!

Man, whotta gig!!

Hey, everbloody, look at what Tabonga get terrific deal on!!


Then, Big Dork Boss call and say he sending Mars Gurl to help. Hey, she dig Martian drug too!! Mmmmm, petuli!

Craig like to fight, he trouble-maker and never learn how to get along wif' others!

PM blow it big-time, so he decide to get the hell out of Dodge City and go home by stealing Earth rocket!

But, Craig is tricky and he aim atomic ray-gun at speeding rocket.



prof. grewbeard said...

this one looks like kablooey fun!

buzz said...

THE PURPLE MONSTER STRIKES is an interesting serial because even though it was made in 1945 it has many of the key elements of 1950s sci-fi films: Alien invasion, alien possession, and paranoia.

buzz said...

Also, Roy Barcroft had the Republic costuming department sew a hidden pouch in his Martian costume to stash his cigarettes!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Good to hear from you again Buzz!! That's some good stuff!!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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