Saturday, June 20, 2009

CURSE OF THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN / Hippie Filmmakers - 1974 / "Welcome to the Nut-Barn!"


Usually, the worst the flick, the better the soundclip from Eegah!! Great stuff here, make you believe hippie should not go into movie biz! Funny, production company that make CURSE OTHH, Kirt Films, produce 44 other flick between 1968-74, this is very last one!! So, here are other title Kirt Films produce: SPREAD EAGLES, I WISH I WERE IN DIXIE, DOGGIE BAG, SEX CIRCUS, THE TEENIE SWAPPERS, X, GIRL'S PRISON, HOT LINE, CONSTRUCTION GANG, WALL STREET WALKER, TURNED-ON GIRL, PAY THE BABY SITTER, USE THE BACK DOOR, FAST BALL, HEAD NURSE and others!!

Tabonga' pet tarantula Ralphie buggin' the big guy to press el big red 'GO' button for soundclip! So, now you can enjoy tonight' audio rollie coaster ride! Hit it, Ralphie!.. CURSE OF THE HORSELESS HEADSMAN!!

Dude inherit old country ranch and think he can pay bills by letting stone dude do Cheech and Chong ripoff!!

Oh yeah, professional 'old west' cowboy dude who hate hippie have afternoon show and live there too!

Now, here is scary part, arm come down holding sword, then, dude stand there and sumbloody stage right throw bucket-full-o-chicken-blood on him...

Hard to believe, but this dude on fashion cutting edge for back then! Probably how he get such swell part!

Okay, here is Tabonga' WTF! impression of tonight flick!!

Two of best parts!

Wait now, you know, one way to bring in tourist is have HORSELESS HEADSMAN come around and scare everbloody who visit there!!

Afraid to go outside? Well, stay inside and get all tore up! What's the dif?!

Of course, dude who inherit ranch is bad guy, and he get it in the end... Errr, crotch!!

Wait!!... HUH?!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

i need to watch this one again- the only thing i remember about it is that one of the characters was carrying around a Superman lunch box just like the one i used in elementary school and which i still have. i bashed a huge bully in the face with it when the bastard wouldn't leave me alone! everybody backed off of me after that! of course i wouldn't do anything like that's a collector's item!

TABONGA! said...

Tabonga like the part where you bash bully' face! Make Tabonga have warm glow-o-satisfaction! And right, be careful wif' collector item!

zillagord said...

Wow. I actually have seen this, too. I guess my mind blocked out the trauma. Thanks for bringing it all back....

Sorry I haven't been around. I am happy to see you up and running again, and the flicks are crazier than ever! Continued success (if that's what you call it).

Thanks guys!

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