Monday, November 3, 2008

PREHISTORIC WOMEN - Raoul Kraushaar - "Savage! Primitive! Deadly!" (1950)

Any time they have ever used the word 'prehistoric' in a film title, you can pretty much count on it being a piece of crap! 'Prehistoric' is a fancy theatrical name for 'loser!' Like, what are we going to do this time?? Oh, I know, something prehistoric!!! But, for some reason these types of films usually turn out to be a yawn fest for the viewer! This 1950 title "Prehistoric Women" is definitely no exception, because this is really a 'Bad' movie, but we'll give them a break, after all, it is 1950 and that really was a Great title card!!! The best parts would have been the dance numbers, but the copy we have has almost zero contrast during any 'night' scene, and is there is virtually almost nothing there you can see but a few shadows!!

So, this film is titled "Prehistoric Women" but it's really about these guys, I mean, check them out, this is what they do all day, lounge around while the women fight over them!!

Mara Lynn as Arva, the usurper decides to give Engor some chow, and boy, does that piss off Tigri, who was portrayed by the 34-24-35 Laurette Luez!!

Allan Nixon as Engor, the object of their affection, watches on from his prime box seat!! Allan would go on to be in box office smash, "Mesa Of Lost Women" as Dr. Tucker!!

The other girls and 'the wise one' cheer them on!!

Later, a giant shadow passes over and Tigri looks up in fear!!

Wow!! As it turns out, the 'Scourge of the Skies," Korax the Dragon with the massive wingspan, is what appears to be a pelican in one scene and a mad duck in another attack, and even the music of genius Raoul Kraushaar can't save Tigri, Engor, Lotee, Eras, Arva, Nika, Tulee, Ruig, Adh, Kama and Tana from the extinction they so rightfully deserve!! Way to go "Alliance!"

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