Thursday, November 6, 2008

La Sombra Vengadora vs La Mano Negra / Mexico - 1956 / Music by Sergio Guerrero

Tonight Tabonga presenting early wrassler flick that star Armando Silvestre, who have over 200 credits and in many Neutron flick!

Music dude Sergio Guerrero is awesome with 226 credit for composing! He work on Santo y Capulina flick amongst other. Now, give listen to The Avenging Shadow vs The Black Hand!


Black Hand causing lots problems and mayhem down Mexico way!! Have pretty cool calling card too!


Tabonga jealous! What fun to play 'good guy, bad guy' in old delapodated building! Guy in bottom pic prove Tabonga point!.. FUN!!

Black Hand dress in black too and have nice mad lab!

Oh, and he turn on you if he feel like it!

Avenging Shadow eventually catch up with Black Hand and take care of business.

But, Avenging Shadow have to take off mask to take care of business with gurlie!!


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Monster Music
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