Saturday, November 29, 2008

TEEN-AGE STRANGLER - Dean/Davis/Smith - "Yipe Stripes" and more (1964)

Kids and cheap movies always end up with bad reps, but I want to tell you out front, Teen-Age Strangler" is not a bad movie, and unlike anything on TV and 99.7% of all movies made today, it didn't put me to sleep, and that's because just like last night's feature, this movie rocks!!! Hence, the perfect double bill!!

You girls should be careful hanging around here at night, let me walk you home!!

Then of course, you got your local tough guys!!!

You guys get out of here and don't come back!!!

This is what the world is missing today, spontaneous local entertainment! Stacey Smith breaks into a rousing version of "Yipe Stripes"!!

All the kids in the joint go nuts, they are so in awe of her thrill-a-second performance!! Check out the moves on that guy dancing!!

Crazy stupid kids!! Don't they know there is a homicidal maniac going around strangling young girls???

This kind of scene almost always leads to trouble, and this is no exception!

You can't keep a love as strong as Jimmy and Betty's apart and at home, even though Jimmy's been in a lot of the wrong places at the wrong time with no excuses or alibis lately!!

Stacey sings the much les memorable "Willows Wept" as the kids exit the cafe. It won't take you long to figure out why nobody's in much of a hurry to unearth this stinker!! Both songs were written by Clark Davis!! The rest of the ultra cool hot-rod music soundtrack was composed by Danny Dean, in his solo outing!!!


Hey, at least they had enough money for colour film, and the use of these two beautiful T-Birds, one blue and one red, how perfect is that??

Double featured with "Teenage Gang Debs," this is without a doubt the sweetest deal of the century!!! Got it??? Get it!!!!


The Fairy Godfather said...

Thanks for this post! I love this movie! Though "Yikes Stripes " does have disagreeable tendency to run through my head for days after exposure to it... Damn, there it goes now, and I didn't even watch it! Not to worry, a few days of humming the meow mix jingle and it will be gone....

Greg Goodsell said...

The heroine's brother in this film foresaw Mark Mothersbaugh's "Booji Boy" by many several years!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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