Thursday, November 27, 2008

ONNA KYUKETSUKI aka VAMPIRE MAN / Japan - 1959 / Music by Hisashi Iuchi

Happy Givingthanks Everbloody Day from Dungeon crew ~ Tonight is very nice flick from 1959 Japan. Tabonga totally recommend this one!!

Mr. Iuchi only compose music for this one flick! He was in music department in 1944!!! And, he produce two flick in 1952!.. That's it!.. Total!!

Listen now to great stuff though... VAMPIRE MAN! Get this! Alternate title: THE LADY VAMPIRE!!

Everything start with excellent oil painting in art museum. Wow, Vampire Man pretty danged debonair dude! Anyway, he interested in lady in painting for personal reason!..

Okay, here is where get really weird!.. He turn into Vampire Man when he see full Moon!!!.. Yeah, Moon, go figure!!

Of course, he like gurlz too much an' he like to bite!

Vampire Man kidnap lady in painting and turn her into Lady Vampire! He have lil' servant who help him out. Lil' dude name... Tiny!!

Vampire Man have Gurlie Vampire too, but he want Lady Vampire for Queen because painting get him all hot!

Eventually hero and cops find hidden lair in boulder on mountain!

To prove Tabonga have sense of humor, here is 'funny' series of photo.

Make Tabonga chuckle!

At end, Vampire Man turn into old yucky dude so he jump into boiling water spring in basement and die!.. Monster lose again!!

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Vampire Vixen said...

Ahhh, the Japanese always have an amusing take on vampires and horror. The pictures say it all.

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