Sunday, July 22, 2007

THE BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTER - Frank Sinatra Jr. - "Dance Baby Dance" (1965)

Now, we're dealing with some big names, so, MEANWHILE, BACK ON THE BEACH..........It's 1965 & Frank Sinatra Jr. is probably trying to come up with a career plan, so he writes this song with Joan Janis, who not only wrote the screenplay for this movie, but before that was a writer for Mr. Magoo and Beany & Cecil cartoons. Oh, now it's all starting to make sense. "Dance Baby Dance" is the opening song for "The Beach Girls & The Monster" & performed by Frank Sinatra Jr. in a new modern style I'm sure they thought was going to propel him to the top of the charts! Actually, this is quite a fun song, & is another one that can really stick in your mind!

Frank Sinatra Jr - Theme Song.


Greg Goodsell said...

Frank Sinatra Jr. had a crap-tastic acting career for awhile there. My favorite role of his is in the AWFUL John Astin children's film WACKY TAXI -- Astin plays a very unconvincing Hispanic cab driver in San Diego who has his cab stolen, and he beats up Frank Sinatra Jr.!

Sean Lynch said...

Hi, can you please repost this Frank Sinatra Jr. song? I tried d/ling it, but it said the file was no longer available. My email address is

I've been searching for this song for YEARS! and I'd really appreciate it.


Sean Lynch said...

So, is it possible for you to repost this song for me? I asked this back in 2010 but it was never reposted. Nor was I responded to. I'd really, really appreciate a chance to obtain this song, I've been after it for many years.


Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Hey Sean,
I don't get it, we usually respond to requests for reposts, whatever, Sorry for the wait! The link is back up! I hope you know you can download this whole movie for free at the Internet Archive, so what are you waiting for?

Sean Lynch said...

Hey, thanks SO much!! Yeah, I'm the same Sean Lynch from the second comment down, no worries, I really appreciate the repost! I own the DVD, otherwise I'd totally download it. This and Horror Of Party Beach have always been fun faves of mine, even though the monster in this one wasn't real. Btw, your blog kicks a mass amount of ass! So again, from one b-movie buff to another, thanks a TON!!

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