Saturday, July 21, 2007

THE GIANT GILA MONSTER - Don Sullivan - "The Mushroom Song" (Laugh, Children, Laugh) (1959)

Well, I'm sure you could see this one coming, from 1959, "The Giant Gila Monster." One of the most heart wrenching scenes ever shot, where they bring in the little crippled girl with leg braces & Don sings this happy little song to make her feel better. Excuse me while I wipe the tears off my keyboard. Don Sullivan wrote & sang "The Mushroom Song" accompanying himself on ukulele. What is it about guys named Don? Enjoy!

Laugh Children Laugh


Anonymous said...

ANY musical hommage to Fifties sci-fi schlock must have this song! "Laugh, children, laugh, laugh children, laugh, children, luahg ..." Alright! So we're laughing already!

-- Greg Goodsell

lightpath said...

Where is Don Sullivan now? I've searched the Web, but no links that lead anywhere.

Monster Music

Monster Music
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