Tuesday, July 17, 2007

THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON - Nan Peterson - "Strange Pursuit" (1959)

"The Hideous Sun Demon" wasn't exactly a rockfest, but it did have one interesting sleazy bar song, "Strange Pursuit" - Sung by Nan Peterson. The voice & piano are a duet straight from.....you know I'm really not quite sure where, you tell me! Definately Weirdsville!
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Greg Goodsell said...

This scene is used in IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD, a clip collection of the worst that Tinseltown had to offer. If memory serves correctly, you can see a fly light on the plyboard backdrop while this is being sung!

Cliff said...

You know, for a movie with that title and premise (and being Clarke's only foray into directing), it's surprisingly not that bad. I particularly some of the camera angles. Very creative. I'm also wishing I had seen a lot more of Patricia Channing

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