Monday, July 23, 2007

MOSURA (Mothra) - The Peanuts - "Mosura No Uta" (1961)

The Peanuts, Emi and Yumi Ito, would have some brief success in the U.S. after the release of Mothra. The group recorded an English only album with covers of such songs as "California Dreamin" and "Proud Mary" & also were on The Ed Sulivan Show. Here, from the 1961 Toho film "Mosura" we have The Peanuts doing "Mosura No Uta" with music by Yuji Koseki. If this is weird enough for you, go out & buy or rent the DVD or buy a Peanuts CD!

Sorry, the soundclip is no longer available!!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, eegah, found you via twilightzone.

Too bad, the download for this one isnt working. I found a version here tho:

Is it the one you had here?



Eegah!!! & Tabonga!! said...

Hey, Thanx for the heads up, Chili. Seems I posted the wrong link, tequila will do that to you. It's working now, so thanx again & Mucho Thanx to RYP for guiding you here. Also, no, that's not my link, there's a lot of this stuff floating around.

Kate said...

Great post! After I downloaded the track, though, I had to convert it to mp3 format from some other format--should I have had to do that?

Eegah!!! & Tabonga!! said...

Hey Kate, Hopefully the file you got was the old post. I've played & downloaded it & it is definately an mp3, so you shouldn't have to convert it or anything. It all works fine, Thanx for your interest!

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