Saturday, August 22, 2020

RIFIFI EN LA CIUDAD - "Rumble In The City" (1963)

I've got another great Jess Franco Saturday Night Special this evening called "Rififi En La Ciudad" from 1963.

Although there was never an English title for this film, roughly translated a rififi would be something like a rumble among men, and is a slang word derived from rif, the French military term for "combat zone" during the First World War.
Consequently, you will find many international films with it in the title including "Rififi," or "Rififi In Tokyo," or "Rififi In Amsterdam." I think you get the idea.

Jean Servais is a no good dirty criminal and politician named Maurice Leprince, but his dirt is well hidden so he's still very popular with the general public! Sound familiar?

Although he'd never admit it, he works out of this club called The Stardust, where the music is always hot as composed by Franco stalwart Daniel White!

Fernando Fernán-Gómez is Sargento Detective Miguel Mora.

Detective Mora is a little frazzled because he hasn't heard from his informant Juan Solano for a couple of days, and when Juan finally calls, he tells the Detective that he has proof that big shot Leprince is involved in some very shady business!

This story is all about Juan, but this is about as much as you're going to see of him!

The Detective gets quite worried when Juan doesn't show up for their scheduled rendezvous!

Detective Mora heads straight over to Leprince's estate to see if he can get to the bottom of what Juan was going to tell him.

Leprince claims he knows nothing about a place called The Stardust, and how does this peasant have the audacity to bother him?

These two are not going to ever get along!

Just as Leprince is denying knowing anything at all about the club, the singer at The Stardust sashays out of his bathroom!

Later Detective Mora pays Leprince a visit at the club!
Caught red-handed, Leprince is still in denial!

Great entertainment, a guy in a suit of armor and a gal in a two piece bathing suit dancing.
The Stardust has it all!

So what happened is Juan got killed, and then Leprince's henchmen try and kill Detective Mora, but he is saved after an unsuccessful drowning attempt!
Now, one by one, Leprince's goons are being picked off by somebody!

Chico Torres is the next victim!

A Straight forward and pretty deliberate note is delivered to Leprince!

Juan Solano was a suave and debonair fellow, and every woman that ever met him fell in love with him, including the singer in the club!

It gets really sticky when Detective Mora finds out that even his own wife was one of Juan's many lovers! No, he's not okay with it!

Leprince is a narcissistic and egotistical bastard who ends up not getting exactly what he wants, but instead, exactly what he deserves!

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