Monday, August 24, 2020

NIGHT GALLERY / "Pamela's Voice" - 1971

Here's one for Doc - In this story, Jonathan's nagging wife Pamela, whom he killed after years of being pushed around by her, returns to haunts her hubby. Wow, this was a short one, but it makes up for it with the stars!

John Astin plays Jonathan and Phyllis Diller is Pamela. Gawd we love John, besides being Gomez Addams on THE ADDAMS FAMILY, he was also in THE PUSHER, WEST SIDE STORY, FREAKY FRIDAY, TEEN WOLF TOO and RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES. Most of his 157 credits are for his work on TV, and he's still kicking at 90 years old with a movie in post-production. Now Phyllis, holy cow, she was in THE FAT SPY, MAD MONSTER PARTY (voice), THE GREAT BALLOON RACE, PINK MOTEL, THE NUTCRACKER PRINCE, THE BONEYARD, THE SILENCE OF THE HAMS and THE HIPSTERS. She left us in 2012 at the age of 95...

It all starts when Jonathan is in the casket room, he hears a familiar voice speaking to him, what in the Hell?!..

He spots his dead wife just sitting there in a chair, so he approaches her.

She tells him that's she's back. Jonathan says the he must be dreaming because he pushed her down the stairs only two days ago, and that she's going to be buried within a few hours and he'll be rid of her and her wicked voice for good...

Then in her grating voice, she fills him in on the haps! She's not going anywhere, and, it's been three months since she was buried, not two days!

The look on Jonathan's face is priceless, he thinking, what's up with this crazy broad anyway, what is she talking about?!!

He runs over to the casket only to find himself there!.. Bibbida, Bibbida!!

Why darling, this is your funeral. Jonathan wants to know what happened to him?!! And she tells him that he never watched his diet, smoking and drinking and that's what killed him! She reminds him that she told him a million times to cut back on his vices, but he wouldn't listen!

Oh, and by the way, Pamela tells the murderer that, guess what, she went to heaven, where, she requested to come back to haunt him! And guess what else, he went to the other place!!

Jonathan can't stand any more, he grabs his head and screams out real loud!

But the voice just keeps coming, forever!! Join us again on Wednesday as the Dungeon Guys keep on a-rollin' down that spooky old trail...

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Grant said...

I've always liked this one. It's sort of a NIGHT GALLERY answer to WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?

I kind of wish you'd review the episode "Hell's Bells" with John Astin.
Although that's almost more like a "blackout" than a whole story, but I guess it's both.

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