Friday, August 21, 2020

BEANY AND CECIL In "Sleeping Beauty And The Beast" - 1962

Welp, the clock on the wall sez it's time for Beany And Cecil... Today, Cecil goes to Fairytale Land where he battles Dishonest John and saves Sleeping Beauty from that dirty guy's clutches!

It starts with the Captain reading some fairy tales to Beany and Cecil. The story is Sleeping Beauty and The Wicked Old Witch. Cecil turns into Prince Chow Mein and heads off to find his dream girl...

Cecil finds Faitytale Land and goes ashore.

In the meantime, Dishonest John is playing the wicked old witch. He's out doing his 'good' deeds for the day, starting with knocking Humpty Dumpty off his wall.

Then he gives the old woman's shoe a hotfoot.

He turns the heat up on Jack!

DJ plays the mean old wolf and blows the 3 little piggies house down...

After all his deeds are done, he goes back to his castle where he keeps Sleeping Beauty asleep!

Cecil arrives at the castle. When he tries to enter, DJ pulls the draw bridge up on him!

Next Cecil gets a guillotine on his rear end, exposing his cute little butt.

So, Cecil chases DJ out of the castle. As DJ runs along the road, Humpty Dumpty hits him with a big old creme pie to get his revenge! That's Simple Simon there supplying the goods.

Then Little Boy Blew blasts a note on his horn that sends an electric charge up DJ's spine.

Cecil hops in the old lady's shoe and stomps off after that dirty guy!

The sea serpent blocks DJ's attempted escape, he then kicks DJ into the air...

And he comes down square into the powder room. Jack turns up the heat, and...

The room is now a rocket ship and it heads into space with DJ inside. After knocking the cow over the Moon, the missile is swallowed up by the Man in the Moon.

Back at the castle, Cecil gives Sleeping Beauty a big sloppy lick and she comes out of her coma! In the best possible way, woo woo!!

After an adventure like that, Cecil needs to get some sleep... Join us tomorrow where Eegah!! obliviously has something cool for us, here at The Dungeon!!..

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KD said...

That tree holding the Fairytale Land sign...looks a bit like...TABONGA! =8O


I had a friend who had Cecil, the Seasick Sea Serpent tattooed on his arm! And he had Cuddles the She-Creature on his other arm! (RIP, Mark!)


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