Friday, June 5, 2020

ULTRAMAN / "The Mysterious Dinosaur Base" - 1966

So, what's going on at The Dungeon on a Friday you's ax? We'll, turn around and take a look you silly!.. Yay, Ultraman! And the story goes like this... A dinosaur-like monster emerges from the depths of Lake Kitayama. The Science Patrol uncovers a mysterious connection between it and the legend of Loch Ness while investigating the mystery. When they find the giant creature too powerful to subdue by normal means, Ultraman steps in to deal with the unruly hulk.

Here's the cool headquarters building of the Science Patrol, what wild adventure lies ahead?

That gizmo looks like some kinda futuristic disco ball! Wonder what it actually does?

In your face Gerry Anderson! We gots cool models just like you! In fact, we think some of our stuff is better, check out that swingin' sub there for example!!

A nosy news lady and an off duty Science Patrol guy visit a local mad scientist to see if he knows anything about a big monster that lives in the lake.

These two pics are for me and Eegah!!

Oops!! The mad scientist, with pistol in hand, has revealed his dirty little secret, he's been nurturing the beast and there's nothing anybody can do to stop it now.

Now get ready, remember, Toho studios produced Ultraman.

I'll give you one guess as to who the monster is...

Can you tell from this shot? Damn, one of the SP dudes keeps shooting the thing in the face and eyes, this one gets him right on the nose!! Yow, that smaaarts!!

Oh, Mr. Robinson!..

In order to turn into Ultraman, Shin has to have this crazy cork screw shit going on!

Hey maw!.. Somebody took all the money outta my piggy bank!!.. Dammit!!

Come at me bro!..

I pity da' foo.

Look how they changed the big guy, a silly, floppy dinosaur neck piece, to disguise the Godzilla suit! An embarrassing move to save some bucks I suppose.

Well son of a bitch, man!!.. I keep falling for them sucker punches!!..

Then (cringe!), Ultraman rips the monster's 'mate magnet' off from around its neck!! Our hero uses it to mimic a toreador at a bull fight as he laughs away. Look at that wound, yow!

The monster's had a few too many Whoppers, and...

Well, he bites the dust...

I pity da' foo...

Join us tomorrow for something special on a Saturday, here at The Dungeon!!..


K said...

Slot car racing! Wow, that takes me back. I was into it big-time, but my dad was into it even bigger-time!

Dad used to totally re-wire the slot-car motors, design and create custom frameworks for the cars in brass, get clear vacu-formed/molded body shells, paint them his own custom colors, even re-wire the pistol-grip car hand controllers! Then race in a slot-car racing league in Eastern Ohio/West Virginia/Western Pennsylvania! Late 1960s I think it was! Team league racing endurance weekends! Hell, he even designed a track from scratch (dad was a blueprint guy), and use an electric router to cut the grooves in the wooden track! Then they'd paint the track matte black, and lay down the contacts that enabled the cars to get the electric current and zoom around the track! They'd time how fast those 1/24 scale cars would get around the track (no lazy NASCAR oval here; these were "road course" type tracks they raced on)!

WHEW! I still have dad's schematic of his slot-car track, the magazine article about their league-racing team, with photos of the track! AND...I have dad's checkered team vest he wore (complete with name tag!) from their big holiday weekend endurance race! They even got TV news coverage on the local Steubenville Ohio TV station!

WHAT A TRIP! (Now, what the heck was the show reviewed in this post?) ;)

Dr. Theda said...

And he honorably placed its fin around its neck
a "shame" he had to kill it

Grant said...

That's a great story from K.

It's strange how this one changes its "tone" at the end of that fight. Ultraman goes from taunting him with that frill to looking very somber (even with the mask!) after he dies.

Randall Landers said...

Ultraman is usually quite honorable in victory.

EEGAH!! said...

Yeah, Slot Cars and Pinball Machines! That's almost all a guy needed back in the 60's!

K said...

I just realized that the "weekend slot-car endurance" race took place in 1966, because while my dad was taking turns with his league teammates racing the slot-cars, my buddy and I (12 and 13 year old kids!) walked across town to take in the theatrical release of BATMAN (1966), which was running into the wee hours, and I think we sat through it two or three times! Can you imagine? 12 and 13 year old kids wandering the streets of a small Ohio city in the wee hours? was 1966, after all. YIKES! =:O

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