Wednesday, June 24, 2020


 I've spent a lot of time over the years rooting around on the internet trying to find new and interesting movies and TV shows to present to you here. With the help of  Lord Litter in Germany, and The Internet Archive, I'm running out of hard drive space. A lot of the shows we've found are really bad VHS copies, and some I'm just not really interested in, so I'm deleting them to free up some space, but just for the Heck of it, I've saved the title cards, so for your entertainment, here's Tonight's bit of Wednesday Weirdness!
To start off with, "Alien Lover" was an episode of a 1975 TV show called "The Wide World Of Mystery."

 "Alien Nation" was a TV show that was on for one season in 1989-90.

 "Alien  Private Eye" was a movie that came out in 1989!

 Even though the 2007 film "Balls Of Fury" had Christopher Walken and Terry Crews in it, I've got better things to do!

 I'm kind of glad this psychopath film "Bits & Pieces" from 1985 is a horrible copy!

 "Encounter With The Unknown" was a trilogy from 1972 narrated by Rod Serling. This copy was almost unwatchable, and if I really want to watch it, I'll just watch it on Amazon.

 I'd actually like to see this 1964 film titled "For Those Who Think Young" starring James Darren and Pamela Tiffen. It even has Bob Denver performing a song called "Ho Daddy," but this was also a terrible copy! Sometimes that's what you get for free! This one can also be viewed on Amazon, so I might get around to that some day!

 The 1996 movie "Generation X" was about a group of young mutants! 
This copy was pretty mutated too, and basically not watchable!

 "Land Of  Doom" was a 1986 West German film about a post nuclear war society or the lack thereof!

 This 1990 film called "Quick Change" starred Bill Murray. There is no way I could sit through this one, the quality was so bad!

 This 1972 TV movie called "The People" had Kim Darby, Diane Varsi, and William Shatner in it, but this washed out VHS copy of a copy wasn't worth trying to view!

 The 2003 film "The Singing Detective" featured Robert Downey Jr. and Mil Gibson. I'll probably never try and find a good copy!

And last on this list of thirteen is a 1980 title that reminds me of what happens to me when I try and watch horrible copies of crappy movies, "The Sleep Of Death" creeps in!
So that's it. 
IF one of these is your favorite films, then let me know, and maybe I'll reconsider it!!


Secret Squirrel said...

Looks like you did a good thing freeing up that disk space.

I'd also give the 2003 "Singing Detective" movie a miss but you must watch the 1986 BBC TV series of the same name. I saw it back then and it was amazing.

Also, the Alien Nation series was worthwhile viewing (but then again I also liked the Robocop TV series).


Paul from Oz

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

I'll take it to heart Paul! Thanks!

Robert M. Lindsey said...

I've seen The Singing Detective (my library has the DVD!), it's kinda odd. Someone told me the Brit version was better, but I'm not interested enough to track it down.

Alien Private Eye is something I must track down! I've done a list of private eye movies, I love them so much:

EEGAH!! said...

Here Robert! Have Them All!!

Grant said...

I've only seen ALIEN LOVER twice, but one of them was on late night TV, and it was genuinely unsettling. The second time was on YouTube, and maybe I embellished it a little after the first time, but it was still pretty strange.

Rich Horton said...

Though the movie version with Robert Downey, Jr may not have been any good, the BBC "Singing Detective" mini-series was excellent, full of sardonic observations about two guys named Phillip Marlowe & written by a guy who had the same disease as one of the characters in the series. It's a comedy, a musical, a sex-farce, a detective story, and a philosophical musing all in one. It's the very essence of "quirky."

Tom Moody said...

"The People" is on YouTube if you ever get deleter's remorse. It's a pretty decent, if low budget, science fiction fable and I found it emotionally moving.

KD said...

I saw ALIEN LOVER in its initial play also, on late night tv. If I remember correctly (and who knows about THAT!), it was Kate Mulgrew's first-ever TV acting job, on a soap-operaish, videotaped, mystery movie. And as Grant mentioned, it was unsettling.

Here it is:

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