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DER HUND VON BLACKWOOD CASTLE - Peter Thomas - "The Horror Of Blackwood Castle" (1968)

"The Hund Von Blackwood Castle" is one of the strangest movies you might just possibly get your grimy mitts on! It's not real scary, but it sure is odd, and THIS really gone musical introduction from the genius mind of  Dungeon hero Peter Thomas that seems to have escaped from some insane asylum somewhere might just give you a clue as to what I'm talking about!!

The plot of "Der Hund Von Blackwood Castle" is too incomprehensible to explain in such a limited amount of time, so I'm not even gonna try!
With a movie like this, you just have to sit back and and enjoy the ride, because it's going to be a wild one!

In February 1939, it was reported that Alfred Hitchcock would direct a British Lion production about the life of English writer Edgar Wallace, but unfortunately, it never happened! It might just have been one of the greatest movies ever! Two of the trickiest minds of all time together, wow, that would have been great!!

You're never going to know what's going on until the end, so don't even try and make any sense of it!

Down the road from Blackwood Castle is an inn that houses a number of interesting people!
There's Agnes (Dr. Mabuse Vs. Scotland Yard) Windeck as Lady Agathy Beverto, Alexander (Death and Diamonds) Engel as Doc Adams, and Tilo von (The College Girl Murders) Berlepsch as Agathy's husband, Lord Henry Beverton!

Heinz (The Avenger) Drache is another resident known as Humphrey Connery!

This is the place where it's all happening,
Blackwood Castle!!

The owner of Blackwood castle has died, and his estranged daughter, Jane Wilson, who has never met him, is summoned to the castle to collect her inheritance, the castle itself!
Jane Wilson is played by Karin ( What Have You Done To Solange) Baal.

The castle is full of surprises, and horrors, some real, and some not, like this empty pair of rubber boots!

Arthur (Zimmer 13) Binder as the late Captain Wilson's main man Grimsby, plants one of the Captain's snakes in his daughter's bed, just for kicks!

Karin Baal seems like a real good sport during the whole snake crawling around her head routine!

You know they had to have a great shot or two like this!

Jane Wilson's Mother is a burned out singer in a high class joint called the "Red Rose!"

Edgar Wallace in colour = Eye Candy, as this shot attests to!

Time to bring in the backup team, Siegfried Schürenberg as Sir John of Scotland Yard, for the 12th out of 13 times, and his assistant Ilse Pagé in her 2nd of five appearances as Miss Finley!

Sir John and Miss Finley have a most interesting relationship!

Jane Wilson's Mom, Mady (Dem Täter Auf Dem Spur) Rahl handles snakes without a problem!

The literal translation of "Der Hund Von Blackwood Castle" would be the hound or dog of, not the horror or the monster of! This Dobie is getting some dental implants full of the black mamba's deadly venom, just in case getting chewed up into little pieces isn't enough!

Horst Tappert as Donald Fairbanks is up to his ears in deep shit!!

And NOW he realizes it!!

Will Miss Finley save the day??
That's not for me to say because this hound is a bitch!
I've just barely scratched the surface of this film, but if you want the whole story, it streams on Amazon for $1.99, and that's a pretty good deal!

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