Wednesday, May 4, 2016

KING OF JAZZ - Paul Whiteman (1930)

So an anonymous comment suggested we check out this site for a ton of free cartoons featuring Oswald The Rabbit etc, and if you root around, there's a whole Helluva lot more there than that! And since I'm burned out and was looking a for a quick fix, I downloaded a short cartoon titled "The King Of Jazz!" But there was no title card, and I couldn't find anything about it on IMDB, but what I finally figured out is that this short cartoon is just part of a complete movie from 1930 called "King Of Jazz" featuring Paul Whiteman and his Band!

 So, there's a slight introduction, and then we find famed orchestra leader Paul Whiteman on an apparent safari! The animation is some of the early work of Walter (Woody Woodpecker) Lantz!

 Here comes a mean old lion!

 Paul Whiteman takes aim!

 But the lion pulls his skin down, and bounces the shell off of his ribs!

 The lion ricochets a couple more bullets off of his choppers, and now he's ready to be the hunter instead of the prey!

 Paul's in deep doo-doo now!

 The lion goes after Paul like the Macho Man Randy Savage getting ready to pounce on Superfly Jimmy Snuka!!

 The lion sharpens up his teeth, and he's ready for some chow!

 Some cool 1930's swing provided by violin virtuoso Joe Venuti changes the whole climate of the scene!

The lion busts a groove!

Al Jolson's "Mammy" was released just about a month earlier than "King Of Jazz!"

 While the music is jamming, Paul gets conked in the head by a coconut thrown at him by a monkey!

Freshly out of a job, Ted Cruz tries to explain what just happened! 
Check this out! In the Hungarian version of this film, Bela Lugosi had the role of the narrator!

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