Friday, March 6, 2015

THE MURDER MANSION / Mundial Film, Tritone Cinematografica - 1972

It's Friday Fright at The Dungeon! Check out the storyline of this Spanish Italian production - People get stranded on a foggy night.. They're forced to seek refuge in creepy old house.. The house is in an isolated area.. It's located next to a cemetery.. The owners of the house are super weird.. The house is rumored to be haunted.. The guests are disturbed by very strange goings-on.. Gee, how original!! Nice poster, original title is MANIAC MANSION.

Here's a sound clip from this Euro flick for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over by our haunted I scream room, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's a little taste of... THE MURDER MANSION!

It all starts with a Mustang verses a motorcycle road race, the cycle wins the contest.

But when a cute hitchhiking gurlie enters the scene, the dude in the Mustang seals the deal.

There's this damaged hot chick that likes to tease the viewer but never delivers the goods!

Did I mention the fog?.. Anyway, this group of travelers make their way to the old mansion.

Once they get inside, they see that other travelers have already arrived there and are making themselves comfortable near the fireplace.

This very interesting painting is hanging in the picture gallery, hmmm...

Look at this freakin' party!! What the Hell, I thought the place was supposed to be secluded!

For sex, this is what you get!

Jeez, talk about over reacting to a bloody nose!!

I really dig this shot, even if it's only a dummy hanging there to scare the crap out of anyone stupid enough to explore the creepy caves and walkways under the place.

The big buff chauffer doubles as a masked monster that likes to beat up the guests!

It turns out that everyone's absolutely out of their minds and psycho bitch rubs out the whole family!.. Thank you!! Tune in tomorrow when we'll dig up more Dungeon Treasure just for you!

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