Wednesday, March 11, 2015

AGENTE 3S3: PASSAPORTO PER l'INFERNO - Piero Umiliani - "Agent 3S3: Passport To Hell" (1965)

Time for some more mid-week madness, and another one of those 60's Italian secret agent movies you all love so much! Welcome to another installment of What Else Are You Doing Anyway Wednesday, down in The Dungeon!

Some secrets should remain secret, and that's just what we got going on here!

Kill a woman in a trenchcoat to retrieve this microfilm!

That Agent 3S3 is one Helluva tough guy!

 A Small strip of litmus paper keeps him from drinking any poison beverages!

On the Beach!!

Dead Guy!! Mr. C I believe!

The music in this thrillfest is by one of the kings of spy and secret agent movies, Mr. "Mah Nà Mah Nà" himself, Piero Umiliani, and the title song "Let Me Free" is sung by Edith Peters, an actress who wasn't really known as a singer, and who is also, interestingly enough, not in this movie!

 Make it into a drinking game! Get this movie from Cult Action, and every time there's a closeup, you have to take a drink! With beer, you'll probably make it to the end of the movie, with tequila, probably not!

 Phone's ringing, but I don't wanna get up!!

 Ear piece monitoring device way ahead of it's time!

 Stinky dead guy Mr. A. has been dead for a year!

Sneaky cameras monitor everything!  Lots of people being watched by the people that are watching those who are also being watched by the other watchers!

 Broach with a broadcast signal gets lonely ride in the back seat of a car!

 Leg up leg show!

Tricky makeup case shoots dangerous poison darts into the jugular vein of it's victim!

Suddenly it's a 1950's sitcom!

 I will shoot your ass, and you will be dead, and the world will be a safe place to live once again!

This is The End, my friends!

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