Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SUPERSEVEN CHIAMA CAIRO - A.F. Lavagnino - "Super Seven Calling Cairo" (1965)

Tonight's feature is the last in my 'Number 7 Super Agent Spy Review!' There's still more of them out there, now it's just a matter of me trying to find them all!

In English, it's something like "Super Seven Calling Cairo, but the original Italian title was "Superseven Chiama Cairo!"

Superseven is Martin Stevens as played by Mr. Roger Browne! Roger's first film appearance was in the 1960 war movie, "13 Fighting Men!" He went on to have a nice 'Sword and Sandal' and then 'Secret Agent Spy' career! This movie starts off strong right out of the box with Superseven with a beautiful woman in his bed, just the way it's done in the rogue/suave handbook!

Superseven is hardcore, not even a couple of minutes into the movie, and he already puts a bullet into his lover for crossing him! Martin Stevens is not a man of mercy or sentiment!

Next stop Cairo to look for a mysterious movie camera, and put the brakes on another attempt at world domination! Next thing you know, he's getting bitched out for being in his own room by a woman he doesn't even know! The woman in question of course, is the always intriguing and alluring Rosalba (Lady Frankenstein, Castle of Fu Manchu, Lucky The Inscrutable) Neri!

Superseven is not a man that wastes time! Even if the woman resists, he just pushes harder and manages to bed complete strangers every time!

Time to cruise into downtown Cairo and find out what the loco commotion is all about!

Interesting marketplace! It looks like eggplant is a staple in Cairo, and just by coincidence I made "Eggplant Boats" myself tonight! Basically, you just cut an eggplant in half and gut it! Cook up some Italian ground turkey with some garlic, shallots, smashed tomatoes, salt and pepper, and the eggplant guts, stuff it all back together in the two halves with some mozzarella and Romano and bake for about 30 minutes! Not too bad, and as close as I'm ever going to get to Cairo!

Even in downtown Cairo, don't freakin' screw around with Superseven one on one, cause you're going to get your ass kicked! Now if there's 15 or 20 of you, you just might stand a chance!

Superseven makes contact with his contact, and I just dig this shot!

As James Brown would say in Cold Sweat Part 2, "Can we just give the drummer some, can we give the drummer got it drummer!"

Great band, kinky stripper, life is fantastic in 1965 Cairo! The music in "Superseven Chiama Cairo" was written by Maestro Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, another one of those Italian slackers with only 210 credits to his name like "Gorgo," "Mambo," "Rice Girl," Goliath And The Vampires," and "The War Of The Planets!" What a phenomenal career!! Here's just a taste of the man's talent!

Just a couple of cute kids out for a night on the town! There's no way possible that I could eat eggplant and tomatoes in a white jacket like that! Superseven's beautiful partner and lover Denise is played by Fabienne (Kill Baby Kill) Dali, no relation to Salvador I guess! It cracks me up that Superseven smokes a pipe, because it makes him look a lot like Bob Dobbs!!

Of course, the freakin' ex-Nazis are behind the whole thing!

This is an interesting scene where one of Superseven's ex's gets killed, and the authorities arrive, he and Denise act like the dead body is just a wax dummy, just like that soldier back there!

This shot just amazes me! Long shot down a long corridor that's busier than Hell culminating with what is probably some kind of religious tower! Seriously, this looks like Life on Mars! What is that, The Tower of Babel back there?

Superseven is pretty good, but he still manages to get himself into some deep shit! When this room is bathed in red, you can only maintain if you have the special welder's goggle knockoffs, so he gets captured and tortured!

Superseven's equipment includes the hyper-cool Norelco two-way radio shaver!

In every one of these movies, they are looking for something! In this one it was a camera, Super-8 would be my guess, but maybe it was 16MM, and when Superseven finally gets his hands on it, and finds a projector and a screen, and views the film, he realizes that his sweet little darling lover/partner Denise is up to no good, all the way up to her earlobes!

It always helps to have a mini-bomb in the hollow heel of your shoe! Game over! Good night everybody!  If you have an uncanny thirst for more of this kind of adventure, then I suggest you head on over to Cult Action Films! They'll take good care of you, I guarantee!!


Grant said...

That opening is really surprising. It must have been inspired by the great Bond and Fiona sub-plot of THUNDERBALL, though it puts the hero in even more of a ruthless light, since it happens DURING the bed scene instead of later.

Eegah!! said...

Well, actually it wasn't exactly during the bed scene, but immediately after as they were getting dressed!

Grant said...

Yes, exactly. It's almost like something in one of those early "Destroyer" books later on (a few of them have the hero "letting" the villainess seduce him, and THEN getting rid of her in the same scene).

I kind of wish it were more indirect the way it is in THUNDERBALL, but then it would be accused of stealing from that scene completely, and these Euro-spy films already get enough of that "Bond rip-off" talk as it is!

Eegah!! said...

I wasn't really familiar with "The Destroyer" series, so thanx for the lead Grant, I've been looking for something to read!

Anonymous said...

What is the Freaking NAME of this Movie?

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Original title "Superseven Chiama Cairo," English title "Super Seven Calling Cairo!" Just like in the header!

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