Wednesday, June 25, 2014

PELIGRO... MUJERES EN ACCIÓN! - Nadia Milton - Carlos Camacho-Ernesto Cortázar-Nacho Méndez - "Danger Girls" (1969)

You want some action? You want girls? You want to see stuff get blown up? Well, then welcome to Worldwild Wednesday in The Dungeon!

The poster says the title is "Peligro... Mujeres En Acción!" but the title card says "Peligro...!  Mujeres En Acción," and my Mom always taught me to never trust people who didn't know where to put the exclamation mark, so I was just a little leery of this movie right from the start! The English title as released in South Africa is "Danger Girls!"

I counted 12 women's names, and six men's names in the credits, and most all of the women are wearing bathing suits at some point, good and bad alike, not the suits, the demeanor!

Julio Alemán is a real dynamo as Alex Dinamo who reprises his role in a movie made two years earlier called "SOS Conspiracion Bikini!" Julio has 189 acting credits to his name, and astonishingly enough I didn't see one reference to Santo or Blue Demon among them!  Right here he's about to get shot in the back, but he flips the girl around just in time and she takes the shell instead! After he disposes of the guy who tried to shoot him, he doesn't even check on the girl at all!

"Mujeres En Acción!" literally translates to "Women In Action" and that's exactly what you get in this movie, lots of action!

"Danger Girls" is almost two hours long, and scenes like this underwater chase go on for way too long, although for underwater photography, it was done real well!

I'm not 100% sure but I think these two beauties are Barbara Angely and Alma Delia Fuentes!

One trick that Alex Dinamo has up his sleeve is that he carries this high-powered blaster around with him, and he needs it more than once as the odds get stacked up against him!

By the time "Peligro... Mujeres En Acción!" is over, almost every character has got wounded or killed at least once!

There was enough action up to this point that the movie could have ended right here, but instead, it takes off again in another direction! As Alex recuperates, he explains how he didn't like the fat nurses the hospital provided, so he hired his own!

Enter César del Campo as S.O.S. Agent Jack! I think his name should be Chopper! Jack's got this crazy metal hand with one edge that is sharpened to make it even more effective, and when he's not using it, he wears this big mitt on it that looks like a hot pad so it doesn't look so obvious!

So, here you go, here's the part you've been waiting for.....The new runner-up to Kipp Hamilton's "The Words Get Stuck In My Throat" in the 'best worst' song in a movie department ever,  Nadia Milton as S.O.S. Agent 380, aka Cristal, with "I'll Never Be In Love With You!"  Nadia was a singer in real life, so I have no doubt it's her vocals, and the writing credits go to Carlos Camacho, Ernesto Cortázar, and Nacho Méndez, and believe me, it takes at least three guys to write a song like this! So just who is this Nadia Milton anyway?  Nadia was born in Italy, then her family moved to Chile! She was involved in the so-called "new wave" of Chilean music during the 1960s, and she toured as Amalia, before ending up in Mexico! Nadia was also in a few more interesting Mexican películas like "Santo Contra Los Cazadores De Cabezas"(Santo Vs The Headhunters), and a movie I've yet to see, but sounds very tasty, "Tacos Al Carbón!" Hell Yeah!!

To find out more about Nadia Milton, go this Peruvian Record Store Web Site where you can buy this 45 for eight bucks!! I'm sure it's worth every centavo!!

Although there's a nice round of applause, Chopper doesn't appear to be much of a music fan, and doesn't seem very entertained by that number at all! In fact, it made him downright uptight!

Alex has a couple of nifty gadgets at his disposal, like this mini tape recorder he uses as a distraction to get himself out of a jam!

Jeez, is it that late already? I was just getting started!!

Oh Well, still got time for one more shot of this Chopper jerk-off before he gets what's coming to him!!

Alex is tough! One of the last tries to get rid of him is by Rosa Maria Rodriguez as S.O.S. Agent Monique! I'm not really sure why Monique doesn't have a number, but that's just how mysterious this movie is! "Danger Girls" and Cult Action go hand in hand, so if you're looking for action and adventure, that's about the most exciting place I know that you can go to, have a good time, and not get killed! Adios Amigos!!


Grant said...

That scene with him making the girl a shield is taken pretty directly from THUNDERBALL, but in this case I don't mind. Adventure stories usually do SOMETHING to the femme fatale character, but it's usually SOMETHING ELSE. I kind of harp on this, but it's a little gutsy for a movie to let the male hero put the femme fatale out of the way like that.

Eegah!! said...

It's probably because there were so many of them in this movie, they were pretty disposable!

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