Saturday, June 14, 2014

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT - Peter Yarrow - "Love Is The Answer...What Was The Question?" (1968)

Welcome to the 60's Sychedelic Saturday Night Special down in The Dungeon! Tonight's feature is titled "You Are What You Eat" and it is the perfect movie to show at your next acid dropping party, just don't take the brown stuff or you might not be able to handle this!

"You Are What You Eat" was made in 1968 by Peter Yarrow, the Peter in 'Peter, Paul, and Mary' one of the most popular folk music groups of all time behind what I would guess would be Bobby Dylan, and/or Simon and Garfunkel! Well, it seems like Peter must have had some extra money from royalties and a vision, and "You Are What You Eat" is the end result!

"You Are What You Eat" is basically a psychedelic montage or collage of inane diatribe and wild and crazy music! This bubble gum sequence is a good example! Peter liked this imagery so much, he used it again towards the end of the movie! He probably thought you'd be so stoned you wouldn't remember anyway!

This is Superspade! He's talking on the phone to somebody about something! It doesn't matter what he's saying, because it's pure concept!

Because of the montage nature of this film, there were probably literally thousands of images to choose from, so when it's a crapshoot, I'm always going to choose dancing!

If you're olde enuf, you might remember those days of yesteryear when dogs on motorcycles didn't have to wear a helmet!

Okay, this freaky character gets more than a few lines! Kinda like Cambria's Captain Nitt Witt, he's got all the answers to the questions you never asked!

This cat's (Is it Tiny Tim? I can't tell!) stunning attire is just too much! If this picture doesn't deserve a comment, I don't know what will!

There are some run of the mill concepts in this film like a nun smoking a joint! I'm starting to think that everything I've always heard about "Puff The Magic Dragon," is true!

There is without a smidgen of a doubt that there's some anti-war sentiment involved here, and why not? These days, it's not kids, but only bikers who wear Nazi helmets!

Wow! So Like What Was The Question Again??

Hair was an interesting element of the sixties that has finally been liberated some 50 years later! Here's a couple of good examples!

If you think the imagery is insane, wait til you get a load of the music! There's musical talent to burn with names like The Electric Flag, Paul Butterfield, Barry McGuire, John Simon, and members of The Band contributing, and it has, as Frank Zappa would say, No Commercial Potential!

Here's just a random sampling of all the imagery being flashed across the screen!


I'd like to believe that anybody reading this would know who 60's icon Tiny Tim is, but the more I think about it, it's probably a good assumption that a lot of you don't know, so let's just fix that right now,  here is Tiny Tim in full regalia doing a duet of "I Got You Babe" with the cute singer from a 60's all girl group named CAKE, Eleanor Barooshian! You really have to see and hear it to believe it, so here's the link to a YouTube video of this performance! If the background music sounds like vintage "Blonde On Blonde" Bob Dylan, it's because the musicians were the members of The Band!

"You Are What You Eat" is filled with all kinds of music from beginning to end! Here's just a taste from the ending freakout that I would imagine was done by Electric Flag!

Frank Zappa didn't have any contributions to the music, but Peter liked flashing this archival footage of him toward the end because it was so trippy! The funny thing is, because of the nature of his music, most people back then thought Frank Zappa was a giant stoner, but in reality, he had no tolerance for drug use from anybody associated with him or his music! So there you go, You are what you eat, so have fun, but do be careful!


TABONGA! said...

That pic does look like Tiny Tim, cool threads!

Greg Goodsell said...

THE movie for "Tiny heads," i.e., Tiny Tim fans, is STREET OF DREAMS (1988), where the Tiny man takes on Australia's Luna Park! THAT is one Psychotronic mess-terpiece!

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