Saturday, February 1, 2014

UPPERSEVEN, L'UOMO DA UCCIDERE - Bruno Nicolai - "The Man Of A Thousand Masks" (1966)

Welcome to another Super Spy Saturday Night and tonight's edition, "Upperseven, The Man To Kill!" I love that hand in your face shot!

"Upperseven" is not only about a man with many faces, it's also about a movie with many titles! The original Italian title is "Upperseven, L'uomo Da Uccidere," but it was released in English as not only "Upperseven, The Man To Kill," but also as "The Spy With Ten Faces," and/or "The Man Of A Thousand Masks!" It's kinda got that "Zelda" thing going on for it!

You see, it's like this, Upperseven is not only a secret agent, he also is a master of disguise, and he wields a seemingly harmless but lethal cane, and he's not afraid to use it!

The seriously bad guy is Nando Gazzolo as Kobras! Nando did a lot of Italian TV up until about 10 years ago. I'm not quite sure why he never became a bigger star, he's really good at being bad!! Kobras' main squeeze is played by Vivi (Bullets Don't Argue) Bach!

This a beautiful profile of a classic Ford Thunderbird!

This is a beautiful profile of the goddess Rosalba (Lady Frankenstein) Neri! That alone should be enough to make you want to see this movie!

And if that wasn't enough, Rosalba sings Upperseven a song after they have sex! Paul Finney, the Upperseven was  played by Paul Hubschmid! Paul was the professor in "The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms" in 1953, and he was almost 50 years old when he got this gig! Go Paul!

Too bad she was setting him up to be killed! He turns the tables and sacrifices her instead! Upperseven has no shame!

Kobras and Birgit examine some of the different faces that Upperseven has used!

I love this still! I can't exactly explain it, but I think it's the composition that is so fascinating!

This shot looks like an Edward Hopper oil painting!

Upperseven dons one of his many masks!

This is something I had never seen before! To abduct the gal, this thug reaches down and pulls her dress up over her head!

Is this a great shot of our hero or what?  Besides being a great movie to look at, "Upperseven" has a great soundtrack by the remarkable Maestro Bruno Nicolai and a very cool theme sung by Nancy Cuomo!

Proof of how good this film is, we got this far without even mentioning co-star Dungeon Homecoming Queen, Karin Dor! That was Karin also getting her dress pulled up over her head! We love Karin because she was looking good in a slew of Edgar Wallace flicks, "The Face Of Fu-Manchu," and James Bond's "You Only Live Twice!"

In the ultimate 'Take That Kobras!' scene, Upperseven escapes from being held captive wearing a mask that looks like Kobras! He then proceeds to screw Kobras' girlfriend, by turning out the lights and then removing the mask!

Karin Dor was capable of even looking hot with Devo glasses on!

One thing I like about "Upperseven," no bullshit political correctness! You cross the line and get caught, and you pay the price! Sorry for the spoiler, but Kobras gets his ass handed to him!!

Does this poster have much to do with the movie? Not really! Do you care? I doubt it!


Grant said...

"Too bad she was setting him up to be killed."

Now I definitely have to see this. Some people like that GOLDFINGER tradition where the femme fatale character is won over by the hero (and so do I, now and then), but I usually prefer the flipside of that idea, where she STAYS bad even after a lot of scenes with him.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Two words Grant - Trash Palace!

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