Saturday, February 8, 2014

DICK SMART 2007 - Mario Nascimbene - "Atomic Dick" (1967)

Yeah, it's exactly what you would think! Welcome to stage three of Super Spy Saturday Night down in The Dungeon! I find it quite novel that all three of the movies had one major thing in common! They all had Seven in the title, you know like 007, but just not quite! 077, Upperseven, and now 2.007, Uum, Very Interesting!

So just exactly what is it that makes Dick Smart! What the Hell did you expect with a title like that? The original title was "Dick Smart 2007," but some smart dick changed it to "Dick Smart 2.007" for some reason!

It appears that some upper echelon government official got a bad batch of viagra and he's out for revenge!

Dick Smart is about fashion! I love these shoes!

Dick Smart is about super cool music composed by the Maestro Mario (Vacation With A Gangster) Nascimbene! Mario, of course, will long be remembered as being the inventor of the 'Mixerama,' the predecessor to the sampler! I'm pretty sure that's what you'll hear in the short sound clip, because there's sure something weird going on!

Richard (The Strange Door) Wyler is Dick Smart, one suave dude! His job is secondary to all his other flirtatious ambitions! He gets a million dollars a job, so he has to work extra hard!

Dick's sidekick, pain in the ass secretary Jeanine Stafford is played by Rosana (Kiss The Girls and Make Them Die) Tapajós! Dick would be limp without her!

Dick Smart is about fancy top of the line high tech equipment and gadgetry like this! You better be damn certain you know what you're doing when you push that button!

Dick Smart is about being in Rio De Janeiro, and Dick Smart ain't no dummy!

The marvelous Margaret Lee is Dick Smart's foil, Lady Lister! Margaret has a great roster of films to her credit starting with "Colossus Of The Stone Age" in 1962, and continuing  with "Secret Agent Super Dragon," "Psycho-Circus," "How To Kill 400 Duponts," and "Venus In Furs" etc.

Not only does Lady Lister have to deal with Dick Smart because she has a nuclear coal to diamonds scheme, she also has to deal with the most evil McDiamond on the other side!

When tying her to the front of his boat doesn't work, McDiamond decides to throw Lady Lister overboard connected to a rather big weight!

Dick Smart to the rescue in his Vespa Alpha Gyro-Copter motorcycle submarine! Now this, dear friends is a very cool vehicle! Land, sea, or air, the Vespa Alpha does it all!!

Oh Jeez, this time they decided to torture Lady Lister by putting a glass dome on her head and tapping it with a hammer to beat her into submission with sonic overload!

In one kraazy scene, Jeanine shoots and kills Dick Smart, but the movie's not over, so you know they're going to revive him some way, and they do!

In the Hokey Pokey department, the theme of beautiful women with automatic weapons is still popular to this day, and that's what it's all about!

For a cheap ass, I mean low budget, film Lady Lister's Coal to Diamonds lab is pretty sophisticated!

Is this a great place to leave it or not? So that's it, "777!" If I was you, I would head on out to your favorite casino ASAP, because with the current position of the moon and stars, the odds are in your favor!!! Just like this movie, if you win, remember where you heard it, and if you lose, don't blame it on me!

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