Wednesday, February 26, 2014

UCAN DAIRELER ISTANBULDA - "Flying Saucers Over Istanbul" (1955)

Time for another wild and Weirdass Wednesday, and they don't get much weirder or cheaper than some of these 1950's Turkish movies, and that's just what makes them so good!

This movie is titled "Ucan Daireler Istanbulda" or "Flying Saucers Over Istandbul!" When the economy is bad, there's nothing quite as satisfying as free movies, and "Flying Saucers Over Istanbul" can be downloaded without guilt for free from The Internet Archive!

I'm just supposing that the mid-1950's was a weird time in Turkey. In 1955, they were having lots of violent riots! I'm sure mindless movies with a lot of cute dancing girls like this were a bit of fresh air at the time!  Here's just a small sample of what musically to expect!

This pair of buffoons are Zafer Önen as Sapsal on the left, and Orhan Erçin as Kasar on the right! Orhan also wrote and directed this film! Okay, is this bar and his camera really both made out of cardboard boxes? Amazing, but I think it's true!

You just have to hope this wasn't a beauty contest!

This group of rocket surgeons have a telescope that looks like it's made out of papier-mâché, but it might not quite even be material that high-tech!

This control panel is also painted cardboard! I thought our 90's "Offbeat" public access TV show was cheap, but it was "Star Wars" compared to this!

A flying saucer lands and out comes a giant cardboard Robot! They must have bought all the tinfoil in town to make this space ship! It wouldn't be until eleven years later that "El Planeta De Las Mujeres Invasoras," the Mexican version of female space invaders was released!

There's nothing quite as sexy as a space chick with a ray gun! This is Özcan Tekgü as Uzayli!

Nice cast shot!

Okay, not a whole lot of anything else going on, so let's bring on the next dancing girl! As you'll see when you watch this movie, they all have slightly different styles and techniques! I like this one, she's a little more subtle!

At one point even the Queen of the space cadets breaks out into a dance number herself on board the saucer!

Sapsal and Kasar are totally mesmerized, as you will be too!!

And then just when you think space Princess Uzayli is going to zap the guys with her ray gun......

.................She breaks out into another dance routine!!

Those Turks are tricky, and they save the best for last! It's some bleach blonde bimbo Marilyn Monroe wannabe! She's got a couple of pounds on Marilyn though, that's for sure!

This particular gal was so popular, they used her twice in one shot!!

There's nothing that turns me on quite as much as a chick with a big band-aid on her elbow, now that's sexy!!

I think I possibly left out a couple of dancers, but anyway, the guys end up getting launched into space themselves along with the girls, so nobody's got anything to complain about!


TABONGA! said...

Boy!!.. This one looks very 'Mexican' to me.

Mario said...

Even without understanding a word, this one was very enjoyable, indeed !

Grant said...

I hope you do more Turkish movies, especially the "KILINK" ones. I only know one of them well, but that one is pretty wild.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Yeah Grant, we have about eight more Turkish movies to do, and a couple of them are "Klink" films. I just more had sub-titles, but oh, well......You take what you can find!

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