Wednesday, September 18, 2013

THE COMEBACK - Jack Jones - "The Day The Screaming Stopped" (1978)

Tonight's Weirdo Wednesday feature is called "The Comeback!" I never heard of this film until just a couple of weeks ago, but as a fan of pop culture, I couldn't resist seeing a movie with the singer Jack Jones in it! Jack had some big hits back in the sixties and hit the Billboard charts in 1963 with "Wives And Lovers" at #14, and in 1964 his big hit was "The Race Is On" that went all the way to #15, and he had at least three more hits that made the top 40, so the concept of a comeback in 1978 was not all that far-fetched! The name of the character he plays in this film is Nick Cooper!

I'm not a big Pete Walker fan, and this film didn't do anything to change my mind, but over all the movie is fairly entertaining! It's said that the role of Nick Cooper was originally offered to Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry! Now THAT would have been different!

Rooting around, I found out Jack was in a lot more movies than I expected, including a role in a 1959 flick called "Juke Box Rhythm" as a character called Riff Manton!

I can only hope that the lyrics from the song "Traces Of A Long Forgotten Tune" were written tongue in cheek by Jamie Anderson, because if they were meant to be serious, well....."Sing about a man who gave a picnic on the moon, and he never stopped to thank you for the love he left so soon".......I digress!

Jack Palance's lovely daughter Holly has the role of Gail Cooper, Nick's estranged ex-wife! Things get weird real fast! Holly's first on screen appearance was in 1973 in a small indie film called "Golf Etiquette" where she shared the sole credits with Monty Python's John Cleese as what else but golfers!

Jack Jones is a good looking dude, and has more than a passing resemblance to Robert Redford!

"The Comeback" is not without it's fair share of oddball and eerie imagery!

Not content with just being John Bosley anymore, David Doyle decided he wanted to actually be one of "Charlie's Angels!"

Gail's not looking so good after a few days of rotting and the maggots playing pinochle on her snout!

This is my candidate for the weirdest fake sky I've ever seen in a movie! Seriously, WTF!?

I'm not really sure this is the kind of adulation Jack was seeking! Not a great movie, but not exactly horrible either, you can find it streaming and screaming on Netflix if you so desire!


Unknown said...

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TABONGA! said...

Jeez, that title card is the worst!

Douglas McEwan said...

Jack Jones starring in a movie? Hello? I met Jack once, about 50 years ago. OK singer. NOT an actor.

(What is the point of having the moderators approve comments if you're going to let spam like the above "Comment" from "Jhon Lockar" through? Pure spam.)

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

I just think it's funny when people try to sell their spam, and they don't even have a handle on the English language!

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