Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The name of the show was "13 Demon Street"

You may or may not know that the actual name of this site is " 13 "

"13 Demon Street" is a strange little place in Sweden! "Murder In The Mirror" was an unreleased episode! When the show failed to go anywhere, they took three episodes, and two years later turned them into a movie called "The Devil"s Messenger!"

They dug up the late great Lon Chaney Jr. to be the host! Of course, at this point in his career, Lon was apt to show up almost anywhere, and everybody knows Sweden makes good vodka!

Curt Siodmak was a terribly prolific writer and he also directed this series! Curt was of course responsible for an incomparable run of classic films like "Black Friday," "The Wolfman," "The Invisible Man Returns," "The Invisible Woman," "Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man," "I Walked With A Zombie," "Son Of Dracula," "The Lady And The Monster," "House Of Frankenstein," "The Beast With Five Fingers, "Donovan's Brain," "Riders To The Stars," and "Earth Vs.The Flying Saucers!" What possibly would the history of  horror movies been without him? But that's not to say that "13 Demon Street" was his finest hour, that's for sure!

It looks like they spent about 57 cents on Lon's makeup and hair stylist, and possibly another 43 cents on his costume! The biggest expense was probably paying somebody to turn the burlap sacks inside out so you couldn't read the names of the potato growers on them!

It all begins with this happy but down on their luck couple having their life disrupted by some freaky-deaky weirdo!

Freaky dude offers out of work guy some easy cash if he will just track down an olde mirror for him! Sounds simple enough!

It just so turns out that an antique collector friend of his has the mirror! What a stroke of luck!!

But that's where the good luck ends. He sees history and murder in the mirror that upsets him to no end, and then of course he has to try and convince other people that's he's not nuts!

There's nothing quite as macho as the hands on the hips pose!

"NO, You're shitting me, that is totally freakin' unbelievable!!" (Well, that's what you could imagine he SHOULD be saying!)

"I want you to witness a crime of utmost cruelty, of loathsome savage hatred of fiendish jealousy!"

Lon says he can be released from this crappy job, if he finds someone who is a worse person than himself!

Sorry Lon, they might find a worse person, but they're not going to find a worse dresser! "13 Demon Street - Murder In The Mirror" streams on Creepster TV, and at $4.99 a month, just might be the bargain of the century!

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