Saturday, September 21, 2013

STARK FEAR - Lawrence V. Fisher & John Williams - "I Ain't Gonna Hurt You...I Just Want Company (1962)

Welcome to the Saturday Watchamacallit Chingadero Feature down in The Dungeon! I'm not really quite sure what to make of this movie, but one thing I know is that I have had root canals more interesting and less painful! It's said that even Berverly Garland never wanted to have anything to do with this film after it was made! I didn't believe it until I saw it, but now I know why she might have felt that way!

First off, why is this film called "Stark Fear?"  "Too Much Inane Talk And Not Enough Action" would have been a much better suited title! The music in "Stark Fear" presents a real dichotomy! The insipidly cretinous music called the soundtrack was created by Lawrence V. Fisher in his sole outing, but the swingin' music from the brief party scene was created by the master Maestro Mr. John (Star Wars, Harry Potter) Williams! How much something weirder can you get than that! Here's a real short sample of what the Hell I'm talking about! You'll get the idea!

I cannot imagine for the life of me why they needed a psychological consultant, unless it was just to keep the actors involved from going insane!

Now there is no possible way I'm ever going to say anything bad about Dungeon Queen Beverly Garland! For the uninitiated, let me just mention some of the classic films Bev was in! "D.O.A.," "The Neanderthal Man," "The Rocket Man," "It Conquered The World," "Curucu, Beast Of The Amazon," "Not Of This Earth," "The Alligator People," & "Twice Told Tales!"

Wow, where'd they get those curtains?

Bev's husband is a big loser played by Skip Homeier! Skip has been on "The Outer Limits," "The Addams Family," "Star Trek" and a ton of cowboy TV shows!

Wow, where'd they get that chair and matching ottoman?

To show his undying love and devotion for Beverly, Skip pours his drink on her head!

Beverly goes to a swingin' party where she meets The Chief, Cortez Ewing in his one and only acting credit! You'll hear a sample of his talent in the little sound clip!

Beverly Garland's back!

Beverly heads on over to the sprawling metropolis of Quehada, Oklahoma in search of her man, but she finds nothing but trouble!

I couldn't quite make up my mind which part of nothing to not tell you about this film!

In Quehada, you could buy off the Sheriff off for five bucks!

If there's anything close to a hero in this soap opera, it's Kenneth Tobey as Bev's boss!  Like Beverly Garland, Kenneth Tobey also had a nice run of monster movies to his credit! I'm talking major classics like "The Thing From Another World," "The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms," and "It Came From Beneath The Sea!"

Beverly Garland is really good at acting like she's drunk!

All the trouble climaxes at the "El Nora Motel," but at least they had air conditioning!

Wipe that smile off your face Beverly, there is absolutely no hope for this relationship! "Stark Fear" is one of the six movies on the Something Weird "Weird-Noir" set. It is without a doubt not the best film in the set, but is worth it for any diehard Beverly Garland fans, and no matter how bad it might be, it's still a bargain!!

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