Saturday, September 14, 2013

THE UNSTOPPABLE MAN - A Tribute To Cameron Mitchell (1961)

Tonight we've got a Super Saturday Night Special tribute to the one and only Cameron McDowell Mitzell, aka the unstoppable Cameron Mitchell! The son of a preacher man, Cameron was in a minimum of 239 films and TV shows, and he was a very bad man in a whole slew of them! Tonight's feature is one of the ones where he actually got to be a good guy!

Made in 1961, "The Unstoppable Man" had a swingin' soundtrack composed and performed by the brilliant pianist William (Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.) McGuffie!

Cameron has the role of loving Father James Kennedy in this film, and his son is Denis Gilmore as Jimmy Kennedy! Denis would go on to have the role of Hatchet in the English horror biker flick "Psychomania" in 1973, but for now, he has just been kidnapped!

Playing the very concerned Father here, Cameron was in so many horror pictures I'm not even going to try and list them all, but here's a random sampling: GORILLA AT LARGE, BLOOD AND BLACK LACE, ISLAND OF  THE DOOMED, AUTOPSIA DE UN FANTASMA, NIGHTMARE IN WAX!

Random weird shot!

James Kennedy makes a plea for his son's safe return on the airwaves!

Can't pass up a chance to show a shot of the entrance to the "Cupid Club!"

I know it's not a police box, but it still reminds me of Dr. Who! Maybe Superman is lurking right around the corner too!!

I thought about doing a whole blog dedicated just to people in this position!

"The Unstoppable Man" is a pretty straight forward kidnap flick that's really not all that thrilling or interesting until this gun is introduced! Suddenly, the tables have been turned, and those dirty kidnappers have no clue what's in store for their sorry asses! James Kennedy is now a man possessed!!!

No more deals, no more screwing around, give me my kid or pay the consequences!!! And they do.......
It's time to fry!!!

The family is once again reunited! "The Unstoppable Man" is available on DVD from "Sinister Cinema, so just like James Kennedy, there's nothing stopping you either!!!

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