Saturday, April 6, 2013

THE MUNSTER'S REVENGE - Vic Mizzy - "Whatever Happened To Eddie?" (1981)

You know we come from the "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all" school of movie reviews, but the fact of the matter is I watched "The Munster's Revenge" and now I'm going to tell you about it, and the first thing is, it ain't great by any means, in fact, I'm not going to lie about it, it's not really good at all! No, I take that back, it's bad!!

"The Munster's Revenge" is a TV movie made in 1981, that's two things wrong with it just from the get go! They tried to squeak out a few more dollars out what was once a very popular series, but almost killed it by doing so!

The local wax museum has a new feature, the "Chamber Of Horrors!

Actually, the "Chamber Of Horrors" is one of the better aspects of the film, along with some of the engaging music from the always entertaining Vic Mizzy! The sitar is a nice touch! Pretty much other than that, you're on your own!

Now Grandpa was olde to begin with, so he still comes across okay, but the always gorgeous Yvonne De Carlo as Lily I'm sorry to say had seen better years, and no, you just can't take any kid and substitute him for Butch Patrick, that is just not going to work ever, no way, no how! Some things are sacred!

The family poses with their wax counterparts!

Sometimes the wax robots look better than the actors themselves!

This is one of the funnier and scarier parts of the movie!

Like Grandpa, Herman also aged fairly well, and looks okay, but I still prefer him in black and white!!

And then there's the introduction of The Phantom, one of the most annoying characters ever! Do yourself a favor, if you need a Munsters fix, unless you're a complete masochist, just go back and watch any of the original black and white TV shows! Take my word on this one, you'll be glad you did!

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