Wednesday, April 17, 2013

OLE OLSEN AND CHIC JOHNSON in ALL OVER TOWN - Republic Pictures (1937)

Welcome to the Wednesday Night Vaudeville Show with tonight's special guests..........

.........the hilarious Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson in "All Over Town" So I'll just come out and say it right off, "All Over Town" is nowhere as good as "Hellzapoppin'" but, let me also say, NOTHING is as good as "Hellzapoppin'!" One thing that makes "All Over Town" worth watching is that it's one more great film that anybody can download for FREE over at The Internet Archive, and that's a deal that's very hard to beat!!!

Ole attempts to prove to the landlady that he's the one responsible for the weird noises coming from there apartment, and that there's no way they would have a seal in their room! Why that would be absurd!!

While looking for a job, the boys gets misinterpreted, and even though they are flat broke, everybody thinks they have invested in the show, and have plans to revitalize it!

Ole and Chic do their venquilitrist schtick with Ole as the dummy!!

Indeed there is a bit of mystery interjected!!

There was a time in history when all you needed was a piece of string to enjoy hours and hours of cheap entertainment!

Daisy the seal goes on a rollie coaster ride with the boys!

Great shot of the results of that ride!

The always great Laurel and Hardy foil James Finlayson displays the exact effect Olsen and Johnson have on about 87% of people!

In the center of this shot is the magnificent sissy himself, Franklin Pangborn as The Costumer!

Olsen and Johnson try one last ditch effort to save the show!

Everything goes completely bonkers at that point, you'll just have to watch for yourself!!

So it's one big tangled up mess? Sure is, what else would you possibly expect from two of the greatest comedians to ever walk the earth? Just go download it already!


Douglas McEwan said...

Hey! That guy in the photo labelled "This is the exact effect Olsen and Johnson have on about 87% of people!" is none other than James Finlayson, everyone's favorite male foil for Laurel & Hardy in over 40 films. As far as I'm concerned, Jimmy is a bigger star than Olson & Johnson.

Also I see Franklin Pangborn credited but not in any of the photos. This reader is always glad to welcome the magnificient sissy himself, Franklin Pangborn.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Guilty as charged! I will rectify the situation asap!

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