Saturday, April 13, 2013


Tonight's Saturday Night Special is a film I was really looking forward to seeing, I said was! From what I had read, it had all the right elements, but once again, I was misled!

Here's the problem! How can you go wrong musically and spiritually with a movie about a Go-Go dancer? You would think it would be seemingly impossible!

But here's the trick, although Marianne is shaking and shimmying during the opening credits, after that, the Go-Go part just got up and went! There's no more dancing, and no clubs at all!

What "Die Screaming, Marianne is really, is a vehicle that allows Susan George to take her clothes off a number of times! There's no full on nudity, but she does like to strip down down to her skivvies when she feels like it!!

Christopher Sandford has the role of the dubious fashion conscious Sebastian Smith, but I don't care how he dresses, Christopher was a pirate station DJ in the 1960's and that's cool enough for me!!

Sebastian picked up Marianne hitchhiking, and after two weeks proposes to her. She turns the tables on him, and fixes the paperwork so that he's married to his best man and best friend,  Barry Evans as Eli  Frome! Barry died mysteriously in 1997 at the age of 53. High levels of alcohol and aspirin were found in his body, but he also had a blow to his head! A young man was arrested, but released, and the real story has never been figured out!!

Let's just hope it was all about bad makeup, but Judy (Scream and Scream Again) Huxtable looks really awful as Marianne's sister Hildegarde, or maybe it was just the fact that her name was Hildegarde!!!

Still got time for Susan George to strip down for the bath tub scene!

I'm sure he was really a nice guy in real life, but Leo Genn is very good at playing a despicable person! In this role he is Marianne's Father known as only The Judge, which was probably fairly easy for him since he actually had a law degree!

Here's a good idea, take your estranged screwed up sister's idea to join her in a steam bath, and don't expect anything bad to happen, like maybe she's gonna try and kill you!

The truth comes out in an unfinished letter left in a typewriter! Oh, yeah, that's right, you have no idea what a typewriter even is, so this has no meaning to you at all!!

Stupid Hildegarde trusts The Judge's loyal man servant Rodriquez to make her life end up happily ever after! NOT!!!!!!!!!

You know, back in the day, Tabonga was a big fan of The Four Seasons, while I always leaned more toward Alvin and the Chipmunks," but I do have to admit The Four Seasons' hit song "C'Mon Marianne" is a Helluva lot more refreshing than this film!!! C'mon Marianne, get off it already!!!!

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susan George !!! the most gorgeous looking woman on the planet

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