Friday, April 19, 2013

OUTER LIMITS: The Zanti Misfits / Daystar Productions - 1963

It's Outer Limits Friday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. I saw this one when it aired in 1963, the story's about the rulers of the planet Zanti, they're incapable of executing their own species so they have exiled some Misfits to the planet Earth, where Earthlings have no problem with killing. At a secret Military base in the ghost town of Morgue, California, a group of Air Force officers and guards is awaiting the landing of the Zanti penal ship...

Eegah!! sent over an excellent soundclip from this classic TV series, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there across from your tuna salad, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's our audio offering for... THE ZANTI MISFITS!

Here's comes the Zanti ship, full of them there Misfits!.. A lot of times, the spaceships created for this series were just plain weak, this one's no exception.

Bruce Dern plays on-the-run jerk, Ben Garth. He just ran over an Air Force guard and drove into a restricted desert area. Bruce already had a bad guy reputation from the 1960 western, WILD RIVER, and appeared on many TV series. He was also in THE WILD ANGELS, THE TRIP, HANG 'EM HIGH, THE INCREDIBLE 2-HEADED TRANSPLANT, SILENT RUNNING, FAMILY PLOT, TATTOO and THE 'BURBS.

Ben notices something up on the hill and out of curiousity, goes up to check it out...


The Misfits storm out of the ship and attack Ben, killing him! Then, they go after his girlfriend.

Michael Tolan plays Professor Graves, there as part of the military team. He goes out to rescue the girl before she gets bitten by a Misfit.

The ship flys over to the military headquarters and land on the roof of the building. Check it out, the prop department had to add that long strip of wood sticking out so that the ship wouldn't just fall off!.. Unbelievable!!

What else, the Misfits attack... Hey-Yo!!

One Misfit goes up this guy's pants leg and bites him a goodern!

Good old Morgue lives up to it's name!!

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Unknown said...

Why are Bruce Dern's pants torn as he investigates hillside? They must've run out of pants during rehearsal.

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