Friday, March 29, 2013

SMOKEY AND THE HOTWIRE GANG / Ace Pix International - 1979

It's Flipped-Out Friday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. The only reason we're reviewing this piece of poop is because it was produced and directed by Anthony Cardoza. If you're a MST fan, you definitely know who Anthony Cardoza is! It stars bozos James Keach and Stanley Livingston with GREEN ACRES' Alvy Moore and weirdo Skip Young! Whoa!!..

There's lots of car chases with redneck music playing in the background, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to the atomic battery charger, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's our audio offering for... SMOKEY AND THE HOTWIRE GANG!

So, it starts with a car chase! Porsche versus Pontiac.

Here's Carla Ziegfeld as hot car wheeler-dealer, Hotwire! She has a gang and big boobs.

She's trying to sell this stolen classic Oldsmobile aka The Aztec!

There's Albert (THE INCREDIBLE 2-HEADED TRANSPLANT) Cole and an Antonio Banderas impersonator.

Custom car and hot-rod creator George Barris plays Billy The Kid, the guy using the CB.

Someone has to pay for this damn movie!

Skip Young in all his glory!

Skip plays Jr. Tedo, local hot car enthusiast and weirdo. Sheriff Alvy lets him out of jail if he'll use his T-Bird to chase down the bad guys!

Jr. drives through this lady's laundry line as she looks on. A chance to show one of the unsung heroes of low budget filmmaking!

There's just no stopping the insanity!!

It's like there are three different movies going on at the same time, so, to tie it together, everyone just meets at the same place every now and then for a big fight or shoot out! Awesome script by T. Gary Cardoza.

Nice!!.. Now, just slowly turn around little lady...

We need to check you girls for any concealed weapons!!

The tagline goes... It's Heavy Truckin', Hard Drivin', and Free Lovin'! Yee-Haw Ya'll


Retro Hound said...

Isn't that stolen car The Aztec? One of Barris' designs, obviously if he was in the movie.

TABONGA! said...

R H - now that you mention it, yes, it is!

Anthony Cardoza said...

George Barris was GREAT to work with on Smokey....He also provided the Stutz Blackhawk a sweet riding Rolls and Ringo Starrs '57 Chev in one shot. It was great working on the film, (fun, fun, fun 'till dad took the T-Bird away). T.Gary Cardoza...yes Dad Produced it.

TABONGA! said...

Oh my God, this is a supreme compliment for us to get a note from you Mr. Cardoza, I've been a big fan for years, us being low budget filmmakers and all! Thank you soooo much for your comment, we've also reviewed THE SKYDIVERS.. Thanks again.

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