Saturday, March 16, 2013

WHERE DANGER LIVES - "Mitchum In Action" (1950)

Welcome to "Where Danger Lives!" If that's what you're looking for, you've come to the right place!

"Where Danger Lives" is a classic no doubt! It's 82 minutes of tight, taut, and twisted film making!

"Where Danger Lives" stars the great Robert (Thunder Road) Mitchum as the quite successful Dr. Jeff Cameron.............

..........and co-stars Faith (This Island Earth) Domergue as rich girl nutjob femme fatale Margo Lannington! Margo has just recently failed an attempt to kill herself, and Dr. Cameron was the guy who treated her! What a way to meet just for starters!

The two of them immediately find themselves physically attracted to each other even though both of them are already in a relationship!  They meet to have drinks down at Pogo Pete's!

Jeff asks Margo to run away with him, but she tells him she has an overbearing father who turns out to really be her husband! Mr. Lannington is played by the amazing Claude (The Invisible Man)  Rains!

Mr. Lannington and Dr. Cameron have a bit of a scuffle and the good doctor gets hit in the head with a fire poker and blacks out! When he comes to, he discovers that the results of their fight has left Mr. Lannington quite dead, and so Jeff and Margo decide to make a run for it down to Mexico!

The eyes indeed have it! It's not often you find two actors with such distinctive eyes in a film together!

Jeff and Margo end up in some small hick town where they think they are in big trouble, but it just turns out to be some kind of annual local cowboy celebration!

The couple on the lam need a place to hide while arrangements are made to sneak them across the border, so they duck into the International Follies Of Guadalupe show.

The main soundtrack was written by Roy Webb, but the music in the Follies was a song performed by Maxine Gates called "I'm Living In A Great Big Way" that was written by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields, the songwriting team responsible for such classics as "I'm In The Mood For Love,""On The Sunny Side Of The Street," and "I Can't GiveYou Anything But Love!" Maxine Gates was in a couple of "Three Stooges" episodes! The guy playing the piano wasn't really an actor, but actually a composer himself, Phil Boutelje!

Master of lighting Nicholas Musuraca was the man responsible for the cinematography!

Dr. Cameron's health has been slowly degenerating because of that blow to the head, and by the end of the movie he can barely even walk.

Turns out in the end that Faith wasn't such a nice person after all, and she gets what she has coming to her............

.......and Dr. Cameron is reunited with his plain Jane girlfriend Julie, as played by Maureen O'Sullivan! Speaking of Jane, Maureen O'Sullivan had the role of Jane Parker in six different Tarzan movies! "Where Danger Lives" is a great little Film Noir flick, and as a double feature with "Tension" can be found at Amazon or on Netflix, and that's a deal that's hard to beat!

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