Wednesday, December 12, 2012

LA BESTIA UCCIDE A SANGUE FREDDO - Silvano Spadaccino - "Slaughter Hotel" (1971)

Tonight's film is going to be what I think is the last in my " Let's Beat Bad Giallo Films To A Bloody Pulp" series!! Because of this film, I have sliced all the Giallo movies out of my Netflix Queue except a couple of classier Argento titles because I've just had enough! "La Bestia Uccide A Sangue Freddo" has been released with at least 4 different titles in English from "Asylum Erotica" to "The Beast Kills In Cold Blood," so what's that tell you? Cult smult, this is just a piece of shit!

Here it is, the "Slaughter Hotel," a mental hospital for sick rich bitches, and of course there's a serial killer lurking in the shadows and not getting noticed by anybody as he goes about his dirty business!

This is not only a bad horror movie, it's also a bad porn flick, and the music by Silvano Spadaccino doesn't improve the situation at all! By the way, today's date is 12-12-12, just shy of 13 in case you failed to notice!

Rosalba Neri there in the middle of the shot screws everyone and everything she can get her hands on, and speaking of hands on, if you think good film making is real big straight on closeups of vaginas being manipulated to bad music in between killings, then this is the movie for you because it happens at least twice!

Klaus Kinski adds nothing to the non-plot! Remember, anything plus nothing is still nothing! Zero, zilch, nada, nichts!!!

The nurse on the right has another job, as the second big vagina closeup flasher!

When they finally trap the killer, and there's only like three minutes left in the movie, he manages to escape somehow and bludgeon another handful of chicks before the movie ends!! Like it wasn't bad enough already!!

If they would have just shot the sumbitch at the beginning of the film, it would have saved us all a lot of time!! My professed purpose here is to make you want to see movies, no matter how bad they are, but I just can't do that with flicks like this, and so I won't!


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