Friday, December 28, 2012


Welp, it's end of the year 8mm Box Art Friday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. 8mm box art can be some of the wildest 'n' weirdest you ever saw. I've been wanting to do this post for some time, so, what better time than now?

20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH ~ I got to see this great flick in 1957, went with my neighbors, back when you walked 2-1/2 miles to the theater without complaining or needing to text anyone to complain!

BEAST WITH 5 FINGERS ~ Saw this wild Peter Lorre flick on TV in the late fifties, we used to watch Friday Night Horror Theater on good old Channel 47 out of Fresno! Check out the misspelling of Peter's last name on the box!

CURSE OF THE DEMON ~ I was lucky enough to catch this great movie at the theater in 1957, what a treat that was! Still one of my favorites.

DOCTOR X ~ Somehow I missed this one if it ever played on TV in the fifties where I lived, but, got to enjoy the original color version on TCM recently, this flick kills!!

FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERES THE WORLD ~ Saw this one on TV in the sixties. For some reason what I remember most is when the doctors are examining the young Frankenstein, they say that he's obviously of Caucasian descent, when, he's obviously 104% Asian!

THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON ~ Here's another fun little flick I saw at the theater, Robert's sweat stained pants kinda ruined it at the end though!

THE HUMAN MONSTER ~ This is one of the best Lugosi low budget films, from 1939, British title is DEAD EYES OF LONDON.

I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN ~ Missed this one until the sixties for some reason, I do remember seeing the poster at the theater with its double feature... I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF!

I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF ~ It's wild 'n' weird that Whit Bissell plays the evil doctor in both of these 'Teenage' flicks!!

KING KONG BATTLES THE MONSTERS ~ It doesn't take much to figure out that this 8mm film shows nothing but King Kong battling his big ol' buddies on Skull Island!

MASTER OF HORROR ~ This is a Jack H. Harris film produced in Argentina that's a trilogy of Edgar Allen Poe stories, all lead roles were played by the same actor.

MY SON THE VAMPIRE ~ If you ever want to see one whack flick, you gotta check this thing out! Arthur Lucan plays Mrs. Riley and Alan Sherman sings the theme tune, there's Bela Lugosi and a British robot, original title is VAMPIRE OVER LONDON.

NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST ~ Missed this one at the theater, the artwork here is from the Filipino flick, BEAST OF BLOOD.

NIGHTMARE IN WAX ~ Check this out! The film you will find in this box is NIGHTMARE IN WAX, but, because the people that produced these little gems could get away with murder, it's not the movie with Vincent Price you just paid for!

THE UNDEAD ~ Great artwork for this Corman flick starring Allison Hayes, Paul Blaisdell plays a corpse in a coffin. Eegah!! either has or sold his 1-sheet poster of this title!

THE WAR OF THE WORLDS ~ There were probably a ton of these little films produced over the years of this classic title!

THE WEREWOLF ~ Saw this one at the theater with TARANTULA double bill! My favorite part of this excellent film is where Duncan Marsh transforms into a werewolf in the jail cell and takes care of the people who caused his affliction!


Dr. Theda said...

Thank you for sharing these images ... they bring back childhood memories... I used to save up for a few weeks and get another Horror ( or more often, a Giant Monster )movie
One of the Crooked cops in the area conned me out of All my movies about 30 years ago... a "sad loss" for me...

Anonymous said...

'My Son the Vampire' was originally known as 'Mother Riley Meets The Vampire'. The Alan Sherman song was added for the American release.

Tommy Ross said...

OUTSTANDING post, thanks for these beauties!

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