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CASUS KIRAN - "Spy Smasher" (1968)

Let me see if I can remember how I ended up here!!  If I recall correctly I was at the WFMU Ichiban Blog and then I clicked on the sidebar link to J.R. Williams Prints Of Darkness blog, and I ended up on a post of his about Trailers and Scenes From Vintage Exploitation Films which took me to The Internet Archive, and there was something there that had a keyword of psychotronic, which I clicked on, and the next thing I knew there was handful of wack Turkish movies that included tonight's feature, "Spy Smasher!"

"Spy Smasher" doesn't appear to have an original thought in it's head, and this version is one of the worst copies of anything I've ever seen. The sound is choppy, and the video is washed out at best, but does that make this rockem-sockem rollie coaster ride any less enjoyable? Hell no! In fact, this movie is hypnotizing, and when it's over, you'll sit there just trying to figure out what in the heck just happened!!

"Spy Smasher" is non-stop action right out of the box! Obviously, there are no musical credits, because the music seems to be cribbed from stuff by Davie Allan and the Arrows, to "Wipe Out,"  and "Baby Elephant Walk!"

Spy Smasher is played by Irfan Atasoy, and his darling girlfriend and sidekick is Sevda Ferdag!

This evil cat is the boss of the gang of spies, and is known as "The Mask!" Who knows who he is, he's always wearing a mask! He is joined here by his confidante Suzy, who was played by the temptuous Suzan Avci! I find it interesting that the word 'Boss' is translated to 'Patron' in both Turkish and Spanish!

"The Association of Protecting Spies from Accidents!" Now, that's an organization that demands some respect!

Some of The Mask's spy guys break into Sevda's father's house looking for Spy Smasher, but she fools them into thinking this suitor of hers is Spy Smasher! Something appears to have gotten confused in the translation of the sub-titles, I think they meant dork!

Here's a shot from The Mask's training area for up and coming female assassins!

The mask's right hand man is the Black Glove!  Even though she is dedicated to The Mask, Black Glove is Suzy's main squeeze!

I should have counted them, but there must be at least 30 fight scenes or more in "Spy Smasher!"

Finally Spy Smasher gets caught and unmasked by The Mask's henchmen! Such language! Do you kiss your Mother with that mouth??

Just for kicks, go and check out the Bored Panda's website and this cool post about "13 Popular Movie Poster Cliches." Number four is the 'between the legs shot' and examples of 42 movie posters that have used that theme!

Part of the sound clip includes some of Suzy's performance at the club! The music sounds like it's being performed on sitar and tablas, but the guys in the band are playing sax, guitar, keyboards and drums! Amazing!!!

Sevda wears the latest in flip-up lens shades!!

There's so much action, and it is so fast and furious, it was very difficult getting any decent screen caps, but you get the idea from this shot from the fight in the club!

Spy Smasher's pal, and the source of the comedy relief is a moron named Bidik!

Yep, that Spy Smasher is a real party pooper!! Nobody can have any fun when he's around!!

In the end, Spy Smasher has the final say.......

......and him and darling Sevda ride off into the sunset!!

In one last final attempt to show you how original "Spy Smasher" is, on the right is the poster from the 1967 Italian film "Mister-X" and on the left is the poster from "Spy Smasher" made one year later! Oh, well, it's still a helluva lot of mindless fun!!!


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Looks like someone in Turkey found a copy of the old Republic serial "Spy Smasher" and decided that they should make a Turkish version. Proof that not all ideas should be fleshed out.

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