Saturday, May 5, 2012

PHENOMENA - Goblin Et Al - "Creepers" (1985)

1985's not a place I venture into often, but for this Saturday Night Special, I'm going to make an exception!! The original title of this Dario Argento film was "Phenomena," but the watered down Americano version is titled "Creepers!" For an amazing blow by blow description of the edits, check THIS PLACE out!! Awesome!!

Juxtaposed between maggots and a 15 year old Jennifer Connelly, you have "CREEPERS!" Her name just happens to be Jennifer, and she communicates with bugs!!!

It's the proverbial Richard Wagner Skool For Girlz, and since this film is a Gesamtkunstwerk of horror in itself, it's perfectly fitting!! Yeehaw!!! Grab yourself a cereveza and let's get this fiesta rolling!!

Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those Peepers, girl? "Creepers" was Jennifer Connelly's first starring role!! Her first real appearance was on TV in "Tales Of The Unexpected," and in her first film, she was a dancer in Sergio Leone's "Once Upon A Time In America!"

The musical credits include Argento du jour, Goblin, Simon Boswell, Bill Wyman of The Stones, Motörhead, Andi Sex Gang, Iron Maiden etc.......

........and the bad dreams are just barely getting started! Sleep walking, falling off of balconies, and walking into traffic, not good!

Dungeon regular Donald (Halloween) Pleasence is Jennifer's only hope!

"Phenomena" is right up there with Madballs, one moment shockingly beautiful like this, and the next moment, grosser than a three legged cyclops picking his nose, or anything else you had ever previously imagined!! One word up that nasal passage, Argento!!

All the other girls in the skool start ragging on Jennifer, and without even trying, the bugs swarm out to assist her!

Red buttons aplenty, here's a shot that will make Ralphie and Rufus drool!

So much weird crap has been going on, Jennifer's ready to bail, BUT the kindly headmistress of the skool, Frau Brückner as portrayed by the woman who would be Dario Argento's wife, if he had one, Daria (Deep Red) Nicolodi talks her into staying one more night!!

Bad decision!!

You watch this, and you can't help but wonder, did they really put a beautiful 15 year old girl in a rancid vat of dead vermin and maggots? Jeez, "Labyrinth" must have been a piece of cake after this!

Two words for two pictures, Jennifer Connelly!!

So, here's the deal, there are two completely different things going on here, Jennifer communicates with insects, and Frau Brückner has a freaky-deaky pipsqueak of a killer son of a bitch, as a son!

Bugs 13, Pipsqueak 0! Game over you little jerk!!

Jennifer finally escapes this harrowing frightmare!!

And the monkey gets the last laugh!!!


Mario Giguere said...

At first i was surprised by the gorefest at the end, but everytime i see it again i love it more and more !

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

I couldn't agree more Mario, that sums it up quite nicely!


warewolfboy said...

i really like Jennifer Connelly. after watching her on labyrinth(1986),i really love her.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

You've got good taste!!

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