Friday, May 25, 2012

CONQUISTADOR DE LA LUNA / Producciones Sotomayor - 1960

This is the last Friday Night Mexican Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater with Tabonga in May, 2012, here at The Dungeon!.. Our feature is one wild and wooly little space flick that stars Clavillazo (CASTLE OF THE MONSTERS) and Ana Luisa (THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERETTA) Peluffo.

Eegah!! gave us a soundclip for our guilty enjoyment, soooooo, we might as well get the show started! You can push the big red 'GO' button located there slightly akimbo from the glowing chartreuse igloo, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's some sound from... CONQUISTADOR DE LA LUNA!

In the soundclip, you hear a series of gadgets going off after the music, that's because Clavillazo is a kooky inventor living in his Rube Goldberg-inspired pad. Here he is getting washed by machines in the bathtub!

Clavillazo's girlfriend is the daughter of the absent-minded professor who's the head of the project. He has to go to the rocket and fix an electrical short before the launch takes place, and, of course, accidently pushes the 'GO' button!

At the launch site, the DESTINATION MOON rocket is shown in various stages of construction. They actually show a freakin' V-2 rocket for the launch (aargh!), then, this nice Sotomayor rocket is inserted as their faces get all bent out of shape from the g-force!

Clavillazo's having a bit of trouble adjusting to no gravity in space!

And, it's back to the DESTINATION MOON rocket for the Moon landing!

Once they land and go exploring, they see a weird elevator appear out of the ground!

They discover a civilization of lizard-like beings who give them pills for sustenance.

Then, there's the evil brain what wants to take over the body of Clavillazo's girlfriend and destroy the Earth with a doomsday missile! Looks like it's urinating a 3-stream out of the top of the brain there, yuck! No offense, but, those Mexicans had some very strange ideas for their vintage horror and sci-fi films! I'm not complaining.

Here's a Moon Lizard sucking on a 1-1/2" clear polycarbonate oxygen tube!

Ready for this?!.. That's the flying saucer from DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS! Must be a composite shot, since it's on the Moon, weird!..

Clavillazo tastes some liquid dripping down the wall and gives an eye-popping response!

WHAT THE HELL?!!.. Now we even have a shot from WARNING FROM SPACE?!

We'll end with this composite shot where they put the Devil Girl saucer in the same scene with the DESTINATION MOON rocket!

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Rogério Guerreiro said...

The penultimate image reminded me of the DC Comics character Starro:

Monster Music

Monster Music
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