Friday, February 17, 2012

FLASHMAN / Zenith Cinematografica - 1967

It's Friday at The Dungeon and time to feature this Italian super hero flick starring Paul Stevens, the American acting name for Italian actor, Paolo Gozlino. Another title for this thing would be Flashman vs The Invisible Man... KRIMINAL and DIABOLIK are titles in the same genre.

The very cool music is by Franco Tamponi, he had 11 composing credits including the titles MONDO SEXUALITY, WOMEN BY NIGHT, SUPERSEXY '64 and FORBIDDEN BEAUTIES.

Lettuce bring our littlest Dungeon helper and button pusher, our pal, Rufus The Gnat!.. Rufus joins us every Friday to fulfill his contract signed in gnat blood, to start our Eariffic Soundclip for your listening enjoyment! So, push the big red 'GO' button there next to the candy machine, now, Rufus! Here's some sounds from... FLASHMAN!

The story's about an invisibility serum that's stolen by a criminal mastermind. Here, the doctor who created the formula is shot in the back of the head!

Then, the lab is blown up by remote control as the thieves drive away!

This is the criminal mastermind, a dude named Kid, played by Ivano Staccioli. He likes to smoke with his shirt off...

It's an Italian flick, so, you have a bunch of beautiful women just sitting around, you know, looking beautiful. The way we like 'em!

Kid goes on a robbery spree using the stolen invisibility formula.

And, so, our superhero Flashman gets involved. To me, his costume looks more Mexican than Italian!

One of Flashman's pieces of crime fighting equipment is a speedboat he can put on auto pilot!

Caped Flashman is actually Lord Alexei Burman in real life. He drives around in a Thunderbird convertible and has his butler help him with his dinner jacket when he arrives home.

Without his mask, the Lord is a very handsome crime fighter, and, probably has no problem getting chicks.

There's plenty of silly characters including a bumbling Inspector, there, under the Derby.

Flashman visits another crime scene and collects some valuable clues...

He has a nice red Olds convertible for this gig!

What the Hell's he doing there?!

Dude even has a remote control helicopter!!

He uses it to drop him on this train, where, he jumps off in front of it to save a damsel in distress. Whotta man! There are even times when they speed up the frames to make him move more quickly!

It's back to the ocean for the final scenes, and, the action does not let up!

Kid takes his '62 Chevy onto the beach.

He turns invisible to fight Flashman...

But, Flashman wins the day and takes Kid in, tied to his sky chute being pulled by his speedboat!


Retro Hound said...

As a car guy, I love how you always identify the cars.

TABONGA! said...

Thanks R H - Airplanes, trains and cars were a fetish of mine in the Fifties.

Brian D. Horrorwitz said...

Believe it or not there's actually an import DVD release of "Flashman"! I love that theme song!

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