Wednesday, February 29, 2012

KDO CHCE ZABÍT JESSII? - Svatopluk Havelka - "This Is Impossible" (1966)

I think we've had a month of great titles, and since we've got an extra day, nothing's going to cap it off better than this film straight outta Czechoslovakia, "Who Wants To Kill Jessie?" This film is insipidly absurd, and I liked it a lot!!

The original insane cartoon circus pizza parlour music was composed by Svatopluk Havelka, who has 63, mostly Czech credits to his name including, are you listening, "The Ear!"

60's Pop Culture gone totally mad, thrown into a blender with some vodka and almost any other ingredient you can imagine, and this is the end result! I proclaim this movie to be the Long Island Ice Tea of 60's Science Fiction! Yeah, it's that mind numbing!

"Who Wants To Kill Jessie" is a story about dreams that come to life, and Dana Medrická as Doctor Ruzenka Beránková has invented a machine that is destined for the Nobel Prize, that can see what people are dreaming. She has hooked it up to her husband, and she sees that he is dreaming about a cartoon character he recently discovered, who resides in a comic strip called "Everybody Wants To Kill Jessie!"

Dr.Beránková and her husband sleep in separate rooms and have a very scheduled and sterile lovelife on every Thursday, so this is a little too intense and graphic for her, so she wakes him up.

Jirí Sovák has the role of the husband, Doctor Jindrich Beránek, and when he awakens, he finds a hand in his bed that isn't his!

The hand belongs to Jessie, the character in the comic, and the star of the Doctor's erotic dreams, and she has suddenly materialized as a living, breathing thing!

Jessie was played by the smokin' hot Olga Schoberová! Olga was also in "Voyage To The End Of The Universe," "Kommissar X," and "The Vengeance of She!"

Truer words have probably never been translated!

So, as it turns out "Jessie" is an action comic, and she spends all of her time being pursued by a cowboy and a super hero, and they too have materialized into three dimensional beings! The Cowboy is played by Karel (Music From Mars, Hamster In A Nightshirt) Effa, and the Super Guy weirdo is Juraj Visny, who was only in one other film, "The Detour." Great title!

From there on, it's pretty much one big chase scene! In this scene, the Doctor gives Jessie a helping hand or two!

Normal stuff, after a while they catch Jessie, and the Super Dude whips her!

After all kinds of different scenarios, the cartoons are all captured, and the authorities headed by Doctor Beránková, decide that the best way to get rid of these cartoon characters is to burn them, so they send Super Guy off to a certain doom! WTF?! Are they just stupid? How do you burn a cartoon?

Only the shackles burn off, therefore, all that happens is that Super Muž is still ready to rock! By the way, the cartoons never actually talk, their speech balloons just appear prefaced by a raucous squawk something akin to industrial steam being discharged!

Since burning didn't achieve the proper result, what better way is there to dispose of a cartoon than by attempted drawing and quartering? You never do get to know why Jessie is being pursued so vociferously, or why she is treated so bad, but the good thing is that it doesn't make any difference!

What could be better? The Doctor's dream comes true.......

.....and his wife is happier than she has ever been too! Super Muž kind of gets a raw deal, but as Mick would say, "You don't always get what you want!"

Just in case you'd like to see "Kdo Chce Zabít Jessii?" for yourself, it IS available on Netflix! For everybody else, "May all your dreams come true!"

R.I.P. Davey Jones! We'll see you on the other side!

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