Wednesday, February 8, 2012

THE HELLFIRE CLUB - Clifton Parker - "Pass The Brimstone" (1961)

To tell the actual truth for once, the only reason I watched "The Hellfire Club" was because it was a second billing on a double feature with "Blood Of The Vampire," and even though it's not really technically a horror film, it sure as Hell is a movie about death, decadence and debauchery, or 3D of a completely different caliber, and you gotta admit,"The Hellfire Club" is a cool title!

I could quit right here, because this statement says it all! Things really haven't changed that much, now have they??

Time to set the stage!!!

There's some evil crap going on around here!

And it's not something young children should be allowed to witness! Evil Personified!

Oh, Hell Fire, turns out it was just a cheap act to stir up all the high roller's collective libidos! Let the orgy begin, or as Marvin would say, "Let's Get It On!"

Suddenly out of nowhere, this fuzzy braineater attacks this poor defenseless maiden!

The time machine brings us to the wagon train camp of the Dutch circus gypsies!

For being 1961, "The Hellfire Club" is filled with flesh, albeit from the perspective of a figure drawing class, and Yes, playing that prank, is one of those boys, only all growed up now!

This is the beautiful fairway on the par 4, number 5 hole on the front nine of the iconoclastic Hellfire Course! FORE!

The President and owner of the Hellfire Club is one of those boy's cousins, Peter(Atomic Man, Black Torment)Arne as Thomas, who is joined by his fair lady Adrienne(A Clockwork Orange, Vampire Circus)Corri as Isobel! My Mom always told me, never trust a woman who rides sidesaddle!

Following Shirley Thompson is another great Aussie actor, the cousin in question, Keith Michell as Jason!

Here's how these Hellfire people work, in order to reward Jason for saving a damsel in distress, they invite him over for some drinks and dinner, and the next thing he knows is they're introducing some wrassler goon buddy of theirs!

Tag your own Washington representative, and caption this picture yourself!

Thanx for joining us for dinner, just for kicks, let me rearrange your face!

The trees on the right side of the fairway really come into play on the immaculate 17th hole!

Isobel has one of those moorish Hound of the Baskerville's tans!

That's one really cool painted backdrop!

Like most people, if you have a never-ending desire to see every single picture that Peter Cushing was ever in, then "The Hellfire Club" is a must! His role here is as Merryweather, the dirty scoundrel bastard of a lawyer!

After Jason is persecuted, prosecuted, imprisoned, and escaped, he returns to pay his cousin another little visit, this time disguised as a French Marquis. Look at him, would not Leonardo DeCaprio have been perfect for this role?

Here's more skin as we sink back to the lowest levels of lust and depravity again!

It has been said that the authentic Hellfire Club was a bunch of 18th century aristocratic perverts dedicated to deflowering local virgins!

One last swashbuckling scene lands this guy right into the lap of this trio!

The music in "The Hellfire Club" was composed by the brilliant Clifton "The man who never disappoints" Parker! Among Clifton's 84 credits are "Curse Of The Demon" and "Sink The Bismarck!" As earlier stated, as a double bill on Netflix with "Blood Of The Vampire," "The Hellfire Club" is damn hard to resist!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

Peter looks great with a beard...

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Indeed, He really did!!


Will said...

"the dirty scoundrel bastard of a lawyer!"

in other words... a lawyer

Douglas McEwan said...

I saw Keith Michell onstage years ago in a play with Dame Diana Rigg. They had a hot nude love scene together. Yes, I saw Diana Rigg nude in person. Your envy may begin now. (It was a bit over 40 years ago.)

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Yeah Doug, now THAT is something to be jealous of! Hope you were sitting in the front row!


Douglas McEwan said...

Sadly, I was in the front row, but of the first balcony, but it gave me a lovely "overhead" view.

I got to meet Diana Rigg afterwards (The first of two times I've met her) and she was extremely nice to me, though she did remain dressed.

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