Monday, May 2, 2011


Welcome everbloody to Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Tonite, we gots a rare flick that pits Santo against assassins from space and their pet... BLOB!!! Did you know, Santo even had to fight off a deadly mass of clammy flesh from another world in one of his adventures? See, you can always learn something new around this joint.

Here's a cool Mexican lobby card showing what happens when the Blob rolls over you... Looks like her dress was gently dry cleaned in the flesh removing process, weird.


The music is always great in any Santo flick! Making his musical debut here at The Dungeon is Chucho Zarzosa, who had a total of 17 composing credits between 1960-88, which includes work on ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

It's that time!.. Time for our littlest of all Dungeon helpers to join us, yes, it's... Rufus The Gnat!! Hooray for Rufus!.. He's pressing the big red 'GO' button over there, so's you may listen to our Eariffic Earclip. Here's!.. SANTO CONTRA LOS ASESINOS DE OTROS MUNDOS!

The space aliens send out their Blob to target certain people for defleshing. Good news, the dude sleeps with a gun, so, it's handy for being woke up in the middle of the night by intruders... The bad news, bullets tickle Blobs!

The Blob goes after the ham bone! You know, it's connected to the BBQ ribs and the head cheese...

That's right, lady... You're next!!

Some of the best monster make up seen in Mexican movies, reminiscent of British classics like THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT, X- THE UNKNOWN and ISLAND OF TERROR!

Santo tries to intercept the import of ingredients needed to make the Blobs.

After being run down, Santo wakes up in a dark arena with the leader of the aliens, who has taken over his friend's body, directing his mighty warriors to fight and destroy him!

But, tricky Santo gets a hold of one of their machine guns and evens the score, big time!

Now free of the evil alien's control, Santo's friend spills the beans on the alien secrets! Santo takes it all in...

I swear, this looks like an ice cream machine in a dream I had, but, no... Baby Blob Maker.

It's kinda silly to watch Santo scamper around, trying to keep his distance from the goofy, slow moving thing. This Blob is one of the very worst embarrasements in cinema history, the guys inside have a lot of problems just trying to move it around, and, it doesn't really roll. To see it try and get on a bed is nothing less than hilarious!

Santo looks good flying a cargo plane or piloting his Mustang!

I think Santo's been through here!

Poor little henchmen, if it isn't Santo, it's the Blob!! Have a nice day!

Mexico has some awesome natural locations, wow! Filmed in and around Mexico City.

Blobbie!.. That you?!.. C'mon, here boy!

Santo kicks it so hard, it farts out some of it's noxious, stinky methane...

Then, he tosses a lit match on it, and, voilà!

Everything's okay, folks, he lives through the ordeal... "What, you call this living?!.. Go to Hell!!"

Ghoulnight Everbloody!!..


Debbie D said...

Holy Smokes! We posted the same movie on the same day!!!

TABONGA! said...

Deb - That is pretty amazing, considering the gazillions of flicks to choose from!

Anonymous said...

The suave and cool looking villain, Carlos Agosti, was born in Spain in 1922 where he started his acting career; later on he emigrated to Mexico, where he became the BEST villain EVER (in my opinion). He made like a million horror and comedy/horror movies; he was SATAN in a 1971 movie, "Jesus, nuestro Señor"... His voice is amazing, it shows that he started out as an actor in the theater... His last movie is from 1981 or so, happily he is still with us. I just love this guy! Kind of like a spanish Vinnie Price... Marcelo Melison.

Anonymous said...

One more thing: unless I'm waaay wrong, the old man with the blue eyes and the mustache is none other than Elias Moreno, who was Santa Claus and Little Red Riding Hood's ogre in those mexican movies K. Gordon Murray dubbed into English. Marcelo.

Prof. Grewbeard said...

i love the part when Santo comes to and realizes he's on the set where they faked the moon landing...

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